Issue 26: March 4, 2022

From the Administration Team

At BAIS, your child’s safety and education are our highest priorities. COVID has proven to be a difficult challenge as it has threatened both the health and safety of our children while also disrupting their education. As a leadership team, our desire has always been to try to find the balance between safety and what we know is best for our children’s education.

In light of the recent wave of Omicron cases and new guidelines being passed down from the Health Department, the leadership team at BAIS has been updating our COVID-19 protocols. We praise God that despite having several cases on campus, there seems to have been little spread of the virus at school – in fact out of the hundred or so close contacts that were identified under our previous protocols, only two additional students outside of family clusters tested positive. For both of these, it was questionable if transmission actually occurred on campus.

So, we thank God for his merciful protection and we thank you all for your vigilance and cooperation. It is therefore our desire to more narrowly define and identify close contacts and minimize disruptions to learning.

What do these changes look like?

  • If a student or teacher tests positive on campus, we will conduct a more thorough interview in order to identify close contacts. In accordance with the Indonesian Health Department and the CDC, we will be using the definition to the right to identify close contacts.
  • If a student or teacher tests positive at school; they will be isolated, interviewed, and sent home.
  • Depending on the time of day and grade level, close contact parents will be notified to come and pick-up their child (the entire school will not close for the day).
  • Anyone who has had COVID within the last 90 days will be asked to monitor symptoms, but will NOT be asked to isolate; they may remain at school.
  • Close contacts will have a choice to test on Day 1, but will be required to test via PCR on Day 5. If negative, they may return to school. 
  • Any close contacts who develop symptoms will need to test via RT-Antigen or PCR. 
  • All confirmed cases may return to school
    • If they test negative on a PCR test on Day 6 after their initial positive test result
    • Or after 10 days of isolation 
  • We will no longer be closing the school if there is a case on campus; we will deep clean classrooms overnight 
  • We ask that if a family member, who is at home, is waiting on a COVID test result because of possible exposure or the development of symptoms that students remain home until the test result is confirmed

What will we continue to do?

  • Students will be required to wear medical masks (KN95, etc.)
  • Desks will be socially distanced
  • Doors and windows kept open for ventilation
  • Tables and equipment sanitized before use and between classes
  • Elementary Lunch Time: 2 students per table in outdoor pavilion
  • Middle School Lunch Time: socially distanced seating outdoors at the pool
  • High School Lunch Time: all eating at the outdoor pavilion and soccer bleachers; 4 students per table 
  • Break Time: all eating at the outdoor Pavillion; students must bring snack from home (Senior Store remains temporarily closed)

Here is a visual representation (PDF) of the above protocols:

WWW News

For WWW, we have the opportunity to show Christ’s heart by loving on Yayasan Sinar Fajar Indonesia Rumah Pengharapan Baru. The New Hope House orphanage in Lembang serves babies up to teens. We are inviting our BAIS family to encourage this ministry by supplying the following items:

  • Gently used clothing/shoes sizes pre-K to adult
  • New underwear in package for sizes pre-K to adult (girl & boy)
  • Diapers & Pull-ups
  • Vitamins for all ages
  • Hygiene items:
    • Toothbrushes (various sizes)
    • Toothpaste
    • Bodywash
    • Shampoo
    • Handwash

You can drop these items off when you pick up and/or drop-off kids or learning supplies! This will be available March 7-15th!!! We can’t wait to encourage and bless this orphanage!

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ!

Congratulations to Maelgywn Hallatu, Sangyun Nam & Michella Felice!

Maelgwyn has been accepted to:

  • Soka University of America in California, the United States of America
  • Dordt University in Iowa, the United States of America
  • University of Toronto, Canada

Sangyun has been accepted to the following schools in the United States of America:

  • Stony Brook University in New York
  • California State University, Chico
  • University of Massachusetts Boston

Michella has been accepted to Raffles Milano Istituto Moda e Design in Italy.

When you see them around campus or the Google meet – make sure to give them a covid-high-five. Please be praying for the rest of the 12 grade class as they are either working or on waiting for responses to applications.

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