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Participation in physical activities, sports and athletics is a necessary part of a student’s physical, mental and spiritual health and development. BAIS encourages and assists students to participate and improve in their chosen sports. The BAIS athletics program is set apart from others by its Christian emphasis. Our athletes practice hard, play hard, and honor God in their efforts. At BAIS “winning” is not regarded as the “only thing.” Of much greater importance, sports are seen as providing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

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Soccer Boys Team 2019-2020

2019-2020 Boys Soccer Team

Soccer Girls Team 2019-2020

2019-2020 Girls Soccer Team

2019-2020 Boys Basketball Team

Girls basketball team 2019-2020

2019-2020 Girls Basketball Team

2018-2019 Swim Team

2018-2019 Badminton Team

2018-2019 Cross Country Team