Chaplain Society

Chaplain Society is a group of High school students that come together on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch to pray for the school community, plan games for chapel, oversee Night of Worship Events, etc.

2018-2019 Chap So

Chaplain Society was created to encourage a group of students to become prayer warriors over the school, watching for a classmate who is need of prayer, reaching out to those who need a word of encouragement, and living out the Christian faith daily at school. BAIS is filled with many teachers and staff members who lead students everyday in the walk of faith, but ChapSo is a great opportunity for students to encourage their own friends and classmates, taking the lead to be spiritually minded and motivated.

ChapSo members have led their classmates in class prayers at the beginning of every month, encouraging their class to share prayer requests and praying over them together. They also broadcast a prayer and verse every Monday over the PA system to encourage students to keep holding on to God’s words. Scripture and prayer are big priorities in ChapSo, which is why the Verse Wall was created. Students can take a verse from the Verse Wall as ChapSo members put their trust in God’s plan that the right verse will go to the right people who need them at that exact moment.

2017-2018 Chap So

As prayer warriors, members of the Chaplain Society wake up early on Late Start Wednesdays, sacrificing their time to sleep for time to pray over the school and prayer needs from the student body.

Chaplain Society requires a lot of commitment from its members, however, it prepares them to be prayerful in all circumstances they will later face in life. It is an outlet that allows students who are passionate about God to live out and take up their faiths as they grow and encourage others in prayer.

“Chaplain Society is made up of students and exists for students. We exist to help and pray for our peers when they need encouragement. We exist to glorify God.”