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Please submit the monthly order form and the payment promptly as per the information on the form. 

  1. To secure your lunch delivery, your payment is required first.
  2. You may choose one of the two prices, Rp.45.000 for regular size and Rp.55.000 for big size.
  3. Payment can be made in cash at the front office (receipt can be provided) or
    by bank transfer to:
    Bank: CIMB
    Account Number: 800-133-798-100
    Account Name: Y S Persekutuan Bandung Internasional
    For payment by bank transfer, students must send the receipt copy with student’s name to Ibu Srie.
  4. Lunch orders may not be cancelled.
  5. Students must inform Ibu Srie during the lunch period if there is any problem with the order. The school will not be responsible for any complaint after the lunch period has ended. If the portion is too large for a student to finish, he/she may take left-overs home using a personal container/tupperware.
  6. Next to some menu items, you will see a symbol(s). These symbols represent ingredients used in the dish.
    ⌂󠄀 peanut󠄀, Δ󠆧 dairy product,  honey, ◊ egg, * sesame, # coconut milk, (x) oyster/fish sauce

Thank you, and please contact the office (office@baisedu.org) with any questions.

Order your lunch through this form:

Hot Menus From the Kitchen

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Rice

Served with stir fried bakcoy, white rice and fresh papaya.

Fried Burritos

Served with potato salad, fresh lettuce and watermelon.

Chicken Katsu Rice

Served with white rice, sauteed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, chinese cabbage), and watermelon

Japchae Rice

Served with String Bean, and/or carrots, white rice and fresh papaya.

Wiener Schnitzel

Served with French Fries and Salad

Shoyu Chicken Rice

Served with white rice, and sauteed vegetables.