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Since its beginning, BAIS has had an international staff, international curriculum, and international student body making it truly an international school. BAIS is also the first accredited international Christian school in Indonesia through ACSI. Working from an American philosophy of education from a Christian perspective, BAIS is actively committed to ministering to the whole person. BAIS students are exposed to a broad variety of subject areas in order to facilitate a well-balanced education, which guides students in discovering their particular interests, talents, and abilities for use in the future. This philosophy allows programs to be directed toward individual development and enrichment in the following areas: intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, and social. Each school day incorporates citizenship training, character development, personal values, and ethics. Emphasis is placed on instilling respect for citizens of all nations and specifically the country of Indonesia, our host nation. Students graduating from BAIS are well-prepared for entry into English-speaking universities throughout the world.

Vision & Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Bandung Alliance Intercultural School is to enable students to achieve their full academic, physical, social, and spiritual potential, with a commitment to excellence. This education is based upon a foundation of Biblical truth, respecting individuals of all religions and cultural backgrounds.