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The BAIS boys varsity were supposed to play a very tall and tough Aceh regional team, but that got cancelled at the last minute. They played a local club team and had their way the entire game, winning 68-18. With Yoon Seong out with an ankle injury, Won Jin, Min Young and Matt Marshall all took turns playing point and leading the team. For the first time this season, everyone scored at least four points, with Matt M. leading the way with 17 points and 8 assists. The Eagles did well in keeping their pressure on and solid performance, even with a weak team. This was the first game with Matt LeGrande and Terry starting at low post, and Matt M. playing wing, and they were very successful using this combination. Keun, Brady and Drew all played great as well, getting good court time and experience that will later help BAIS in defending last year’s IISSAC championship. The Eagles will scrimmage a very tough ITHB college team this Friday at SIS, so come out and enjoy a fast paced game!


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