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This year Mr. Thomas (MS ED) will be stepping into a new role as director. We already know and appreciate Mr. Thomas for the work he has done as secondary principal the last four years at BAIS. He has been working in school leadership for the past 12 years and currently pursuing a doctorate in education. We are excited to see how he leads BAIS in the coming years.

What excites you about your new role as director?
I’m excited because I see so much potential growth at BAIS.  We have space to grow enrollment and we have space to build state-of-the-art facilities.  BAIS is not a perfect school but it is an excellent school consistently seeking to improve all the ways we serve students and families. 

What do you love about BAIS?
I love the energy on campus, with our students, teachers, and staff all working hard together.  We have a unique chemistry here that includes a family feel with the desire to do our jobs with excellence, grow and improve, take our work seriously and have fun while doing it. 

What has prepared you to fill this new role?
Compared to my arrival as secondary principal in 2016, I feel fully equipped and prepared to lead.  It is reassuring to know the community – students, families, and employees – before assuming this challenging role.  It can be daunting to enter a new school as director without knowing much about the school culture and community.  I’ve already appreciated the guidance and wisdom from our current families who desire to see BAIS continue to do great work and improve in some key areas.  While this season is certainly unique, I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of peace, being fully alive to do my best work for God’s glory.  

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