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From the Secondary Principal’s Desk

Renowned educational consultant, Dr. Anthony Muhammad said, “In a healthy school culture, data is information, not condemnation.” BAIS is now in the process of proactively evaluating the best ways the school can use data to drive decision-making. In fact, the use of assessment data is one of the six major areas of growth in our current Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP).

“Assess & Adjust” is the current theme of this year’s professional development for teachers. They have been working masterfully to receive student assessment data, analyze the data, adjust and reteach, and allow students multiple chances to demonstrate their learning against the course content and skill. Reporting of final grades is now determined by summative assessment scores and students now have more pathways to reach their targets and academic goals.

Teachers are also receiving a new data set to consider. During third quarter, students were given the opportunity to complete teacher evaluation surveys where they were able to rate teachers based on questions that match the BAIS Teaching Standards used in overall teacher evaluation. Each response was on a 1-5 scale and there were opportunities for students to comment on areas of strength and areas of growth. Teachers can look at their results and reflect on the data for continued professional growth.

The Network of International Christian Schools has recently administered evaluation surveys for school leaders. All teachersn completed a Director Assessment and Principal Assessment. The home office leaders in Southaven, Mississippi, USA will collect and analyze the assessment data. The Vice-President of Leadership Development, Mr. Ray Johnson, will share the results of those surveys and use the conclusions for Mr. Nielsen’s, Mrs. Sianturi’s, and my final evaluation for the school year.

The secondary division’s core values are firmly rooted, joyful, and growing together. When we consider the data resources mentioned above in conjunction with MAP testing, Writing Assessment, SAT ACT, PSAT, semester exams, and national exams, we are blessed with plenty of opportunities to reflect on current practices and ensure we are on community growing together!

Mr. Thomas, MS. Ed.
Secondary Principal

Student Led Conferences

Parents and Students: This is just a reminder that student-led conferences are coming in the next couple of weeks. The purpose of the conferences is to give the students an opportunity to share with their parents what they have learned this year, how they are doing on their yearly goals, and what areas they see as their strengths and areas of improvement. The conferences will be held Thursday, May 9th from 2:45-7:30 and Friday, May 10th from 8:00-11:30. Please stay tuned for more information from the secondary and elementary departments regarding these conferences.

Charity (LaMertha) Sianturi, Ed.S

MAP Testing Schedule

Parents and students should remember to:

Download the MAP Testing Schedule as a PDF or view it on the web.

National Exams for Indonesian Students

12National ExamApril 1, 2, 4 & 8Math, Bahasa Indonesia, English, IPA/IPS Option Subject7:30AM – 9:30AMBAIS Computer Lab
Make UpApril 15 – 16
9National ExamApril 22 – 25Math, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Science7:30AM – 9:30AMBAIS Computer Lab
Make UpApril 29-30
6Final ExamsApril 22-24Bahasa Indonesia, Math, Science8.00AM – 10.00AMCBCS
Make UpApril 26, 29, 30

Please contact Ibu Gledya at gledyamelisa@baisedu for more detailed information.

PACE Gathering

PACE would like to invite you to an informal parent gathering.
Friday 3rd May, 8am at Better Days in Kota Baru.
Come and enjoy time with other BAIS parents.
We will also discuss:

Please also let us know if you would be willing to be part of the PACE leadership team for next year.


Why will we have 2 Preschool classes next year?

For the last couple of years, BAIS has had a multi-age preschool 3 and 4 class. This was because we had a limited number of students enrolled in our afternoon preschool 3 class. Starting 4th quarter last year, we started a combined PK3 and PK4 morning option which significantly increased our numbers in PK. Starting next year, we have so many students in preschool 3 and 4 that we are able to split into 2 classes. Preschool 3 will be taught by Mrs. Erin Squiers and Preschool 4 will be taught by Ms. Amy Hays. We will continue to offer an after enrichment program to both Preschool 3 and 4 students taught by Ms. Hays. Keep your eyes open to some new changes in the elementary hallway as we rearrange to make room for a new preschool room on the 1st floor.
Charity (LaMertha) Sianturi, Ed.S

Elementary Face the Facts!

Students, start practicing! The Face the Facts finals will be on Tuesday, May 28. Prelims will be the previous week.

Lower Elementary – addition and subtraction to 20s

Upper Elementary – multiplication and division to 144 (12s)

We will send home participation permission slips in mid-May, but start practicing now! Questions? ClarissaRibbens@baisedu.org

Celebrate With Us!!!

Grade 8
Graduate Mini Concert
May 3rd, at 4:00, Music Room

Paul Walker, Jade Kim, and Daniel Nix
Senior Graduate Concert
May 10th, at 1:00, Music Room

Everyone is welcome to attend. Come and celebrate with us!

From the Athletic Director

BAIS Community,
This weekend BAIS has forty-seven students competing at three different IISSAC tournaments. BAIS is only able to participate in IISSAC and similar events because of our communities’ amazing parents, dedicated coaches, supportive administration, and flexible teachers. Thank you for all the all your involvement and cooperation. Good luck to all our athletes competing in Surabaya and Malang.

Most After School Activities and Clubs are scheduled to end May 3. Because of many holidays and missed lessons, some clubs will continue until they are finished. Please communicate with the club’s leader to confirm the final date of your child’s after school activities.

Our hope is that the students at BAIS not only receive a quality education but that they also be provided with a loving, supportive community where they can participate in a variety of new and exciting activities. Thank you for being a part of our BAIS family and all you do to contribute to its success.

Mr. Justin Powers

Athletics & Club News

When you see a BAIS soccer player, please encourage them and ask about their season.

BAIS Eagles 2019 Cross Country Team

BAIS 3K Runners: Ludia Jeong, Emily Stanford, Moreno Purnomo, Kai Thomas, HuiSo Woo, Maelgwyn Hallatu, Kun Jung

BAIS 5K Runners: Rachel Nielsen, Da Ae Byun, Kathlyn Sinaga, Ivanna Widjaya, Audy Purnomo, Ollie Gunthorpe Bryan Hermawan, Chan Young Kim, Seong Hwa Park, Clifford Setiabudi, Woo Hyun Kim, James Dominic, Andrew Sugono, Paul Walker

Coaches: Mr. Whitehurst and Ibu Hani

BAIS Eagles 2019 Badminton Team

Edward Gunarian, Deo Sinaga, Jake Lee, TJ Tanudjaya, Rainer Mulyawan, Min Woo Seo, Stephanny Kusmana, Odelyn Sinaga, Michelle Felice, Rachel Son, Samantha Hirianto

Coaches:Pak Manatap and Mr. Stanford

BAIS Eagles 2019 Swim Team

BAIS Blue:Jade Kim, Ezra Thomas, Jun Ha Kang, Ji Hun Shin, Michael Hartono, Raphael Kurniawan, Darren Lie, Ji Seong Shin

Coaches:Pak Henry and Ibu Dias

BAIS Blue: Joy Saputra, Mia Whitehurst, Gwen Lie, Dominique Kurniawan, Kezia Chandra, Nicole Katsumi, Stefanie Katsumi

Coaches:Pak Karjono, Mrs. Whitehurst, and Ibu Stevie

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