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From the Director’s Desk

Construction Update

As you are all aware, across the street from BAIS is the IKEA construction project. We have been told it will open in November of 2020. The IKEA will be a great new attraction for Kota Baru. Additional growth in Kota Baru will be good for BAIS even through the immediate, temporary ugliness of the project will most certainly be unpleasant. Both Pak Chevy and myself are working with Town Management to minimize the impact of the project to the school community. We are thankful that Town Management has heard our requests and is making adjustments, specifically to the use of the road in front of the school, as best as they can.

The second project, the construction of the rukos in the grass area between the BAIS fence and the road will most certainly be more disruptive to our daily operations. Again, we are in discussions with Town Management on how to best minimize that disruption. As soon as we have information, we will pass that along to you.

Why didn’t we buy the land where the rukos will be built? At the very outset of when BAIS purchased the land, Town Management made it clear that the property was not for sale to BAIS because the overall master plan of KBP reserved that space for rukos. So the future existence of rukos has always been the plan from before BAIS purchased this property we are on.

After construction is complete, will the noise and/or smells from the rukos disrupt our operations? The fence at the front of our property was never meant to be a permanent fence because of the knowledge of rukos there in the future. If we deem it necessary to build a higher wall that helps contain some of the noise or block the view, that is something we will have to consider in the future.

Let’s keep the project in our prayers and look forward to its completion.

Karl Nielsen

Dear Parents of Seniors,
There are only two months until graduation! Your students have been emailed and notified of their official names to be printed on the BAIS diploma. Please discuss this with them and contact the office if changes are needed.

BAIS Library News

Over the past few years, tht BAIS library have been blessed by so many donations of books from the community. We are thankful for all the parents, teachers, and students who have generously given their old and new books to the library. On that note, if you would like to clean your library at home but don’t want to throw the books away, feel free to contact BAIS library at johnratukado@baisedu.org or yofianapatty@baisedu.org.

Got Books?

Donate them to the Build To Give club! Build to Give is a group of students that have worked together to support others in need. These students have a lot of great ideas and “Book Donation” is one of them. Please support us and the people that we are serving through this project. We are trying to get enough books to give to children in the Benan and Tanjung Sesup villages. Through you, the life of the kids in the villages can change.

Please leave your books in Ms. Dickman’s room (room 201). Questions? Contact Beltra Chong or Annaline Nugraha.

Elementary Face the Facts!

Students, start practicing! The Face the Facts finals will be on Tuesday, May 28. Prelims will be the previous week.

Lower Elementary – addition and subtraction to 20s
Upper Elementary – multiplication and division to 144 (12s)
We will send home participation permission slips in mid-May, but start practicing now!
Questions? ClarissaRibbens@baisedu.org

Summer Programs

When talking with BAIS graduate, Tivara Tanudjaja after her first semester of university, one thing she said that was really helpful in deciding where to apply for school was the summer programs she did before her senior year. It helped her know which schools she wanted to apply to and even helped her eliminate schools from her list. Throughout the school year, we receive information about summer programs at universities around the world. We have combined it into one document for quick access and would like to pass that information along for you and your student to look into. Please be aware that some due dates are coming up quickly and more are being added to the list.

Check out this link for a list of summer programs.


Parents and students should remember to:

News from the Athletic Director


After School Clubs and Activities


Why do we have PACE fundraisers?? Once or twice a year, the PACE hosts a community gathering that involves some type of fundraiser. The goal of the gather is to bring the community together in both work and celebration. The funds that are raised then go toward a project of the parent’s choosing that will benefit the school. The best thing about these fundraisers is that parents often will come up with a project idea that the school wouldn’t have considered previously. Our most recent PACE project for the school opens today with a new set of swings. These swings are available for both elementary and secondary and allow for more students to enjoy their time on the playground. Thank you PACE for all you do to make our school a better place for everyone!!!

Charity (LaMertha) Sianturi, Ed.S
Elementary Principal / Curriculum Coordinator

Important Drama Announcement for CAST and CREW!

April 8
Production Numbers
All Secondary;
No Elementary
Crew: All
April 9
Performers: All
Crew: All
April 10
Dress Rehearsal
3-4:30 Costuming and Makeup
4:30-5:00 Sound Check
5-6:30 Dress Rehearsal
6:30-7 Clean up
Performers: All
Crew: All
April 11
3:00-5:00 Costume and Makeup
5-5:30 Sound Check
5:30 Doors Open/Cast in
Music Room
6:00 Performance Begins
Performers: All
Crew: All
April 12

3:00-5:00 Costume and Makeup
5-5:30 Sound Check
5:30 Doors Open/Cast in Music Room
6:00 Performance Begins
Performers: All
Crew: All
April 13
Performance + Cast Party
3:00-5:00 Costume and Makeup
5-5:30 Sound Check
5:30 Doors Open/Cast in Music Room
6:00 Performance Begins
9:00 Cast Party Begins
11:00 Go Home
Performers: All
Crew: All

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