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From the Fine Arts Department

Backstage Peek at a rehearsal for Cinderella

First, let me say thank you to all the supporters and fans of BAIS Performers. Saturday night’s performance is already sold out! Thank you so much for recognizing the hard work that each performer, crew member, and director puts into these productions. Thank you also for your enjoyment and excitement at our productions. Your excitement excites and encourages us through the not-so-fun-times of drama rehearsal.

Yes, you read that correctly. The story you see on the stage is exciting and glorious but getting to that place is not always so. So, let me give you a behind the scenes peek at what the most tedious, frustrating, time-consuming rehearsal will look like. On Saturday, the BAIS Performers (cast, crew, & directors) will put in a long, tiring day in order to accomplish our first technical rehearsal. (If you have ever worked on or been a part of a production, I can hear you groan.) The first technical rehearsal is when all the pieces of a production are first put together.

Saturday will be the first time the cast and stage crew will work with the majority of the set pieces as well as the frames, curtains, and backdrop that make up our unique performance venue. We’ve imagined where the frames will be; we’ve discussed how to enter and exit the curtains; we’ve talked about how to transition between scenes using stand-in set pieces, but when the real things are all put together for the first time — chaos and confusion will ensue, and ideas will have to be modified and reworked.

Saturday will be the first time the lighting crew will be able to work with the new light system and lights (for which we are very, very grateful). It will also be the first time that the sound crew will be working with the full orchestration for the entire production. And, it will be the first time that microphones will be used to their full extent. We’ve planned, discussed, planned some more, but again, in real-time and real-life usage, plans will have to change and be adjusted.

Saturday will be the first time that the majority of the cast will be in costume. The cast has learned their choreography well, but on Saturday, the girls will have to put on ballgowns and heels, the guys knee-high leather boots, and then all of them will have re-adjust to their choreography because they have been used to dancing in workout clothes; every move that has begun to feel normal will feel awkward all over again. Saturday will also be the first day that the cast will have to deal with all of their costume changes; most of the performers have two to three different costume changes. Again, we’ve planned, we talked, we’ve written down steps and procedures, but plans will change or have to be adjusted.

Saturday’s practice is going to be a slog — a slow, arduous progression through this production. There will be a lot of wait time while readjustments happen and then a lot of repetition to get the feel for all the new elements involved. Everyone involved in Saturday’s rehearsal will need to bring a sense of humor, a lot of patience, and a great vision for what this production is becoming, and when it all comes together on each night of performance and looks easy and flawless and beautiful and graceful, which is what each participant production is aiming for, please remember that a ton of hard work, and probably even a few tears, were put into this production to make it look so easy and effortless.

Again, thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm for our BAIS productions, and don’t forget to buy your ticket now. Only Thursday night and Friday afternoon are available! The prince is giving a ball, and you don’t want to miss it!

Ms. Beth LaMertha
Theater Director

The prince is giving a ball, and you don’t want to be left out!

Tickets for the Saturday Night, March 14 performance of Cinderella are sold out!

You can still buy tickets for Thursday evening (45 seats available) or Friday afternoon (27 seats available). Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets. See Ibu Mega at the BAIS reception desk as soon as you can!

Second Semester School Portrait Day

Attention all new students, your yearbook/student ID picture will be taken on Thursday, March 5, 2020.

College Acceptance

Congratulations to Jason Sastra & Caitlin Kartarahardja!

Jason has been accepted to the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Caitlin has been accepted to the University of California, Santa Cruz in the United States.

Make sure to congratulate them when you see them around campus. Also, please be praying for the other students in the senior class as they are in the process of applying or are waiting for the decisions to be announced.

Summer Programs for High School Students

Interested in journalism? Check out the summer program that was just added to the list with Boston University.

Throughout the school year, we receive information about summer programs at universities around the world. We have combined it into one document for quick access and would like to pass that information along for you and your student to look into. Please be aware that some due dates are approaching.

Check out this link for a list of summer programs.

BAIS Week Without Walls Needs

We’re getting excited about our upcoming, school-wide service event, Week Without Walls from March 16-20! This is the time of year where each student, teacher, and faculty member is involved in serving our community through various projects in Bandung and Kota Baru. We’re currently looking for any vehicles and/or drivers we could borrow to help with transportation during this week. If you would be interested in helping us with transportation, please contact me at kellywongkar@baisedu.org.

WWW – Rumah Ruth

BAIS is blessed to partner with Rumah Ruth, a ministry to pregnant mothers and babies, again this year during Week Without Walls. We would love to bless this ministry with new or gently used baby items. If you have anything to donate please contact Kelsey Nainggolan, 1st grade, (kelseynainggolan@baisedu.org) or Ibu Yofi, library, (yofianapatty@baisedu.org). Items can also be dropped off between 7:45-3:30 in the BAIS library with Ibu Yofi. Thanks for partnering with us to love on this local ministry!

WWW – For Kids By Kids

One of our WWW teams is going to be visiting three different children’s homes for kids with cancer and terminal illness. We would like to help these homes with some practical supplies for them. If you are able to help at all, please drop supplies off to the office. Thank you!
Supplies needed:

Clinic Update

Just a reminder, BAIS will, as usual, follow the policies and procedures for health-related matters. There are two relevant sections in the Parent-student handbook, “determining Illness” and “sending a student home.”

If any student is presenting cold or flu-like symptoms, parents will be contacted, and the student will be sent home.

Please check your child(ren) daily for any fever before they leave for school. Please take the following actions to protect yourself and others:

  1. Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
  2. Wear a mask if you have a cough or runny nose.
  3. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
  4. Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.
  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread this way.
  6. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs like the flu.

Athletics & Club News

IISSAC Basketball

Congratulations to the IISSAC boys for winning FIRST PLACE at the tournament last weekend. We are proud of all your hard work and how you represented yourself and our school.

Mr. Thomas says, “I am very proud of the boys for achieving their goals for the season. We were focused on strict discipline and training to “win the prize.” The team’s desire was to peak at the right time – Sunday during the championship game. Playing with joy, freedom, and courage were themes that became a core to how we played. It was a privilege to coach these student-athletes. It was a delight to see Jake, Ollie, and Rio play amazing defense throughout the IISSAC weekend. Our team defense certainly won us this championship. Thank you, students, for sacrificing to play this season and thank you parents for the consistent support. Congratulations, boys – you are 2020 IISSAC basketball champions!”

Tournament Stats:

We are also proud of the IISSAC girls for placing THIRD in the round robin part of the tournament. Ms. Christensen says, “I am so thankful to be the basketball coach of such an amazing group of girls. The growth I’ve seen from our girls over the last two years has been tremendous, and a testament to their hard work. I am so thankful their hard work manifested in some wins at IISSAC this last weekend, but I’m more proud of how they demonstrated kindness and sportsmanship throughout their regular season and at IISSAC. My favorite memory of IISSAC is when the girls finally realized why I made them run so many sprints this season. They may have grumbled about all of the sprints during the season, but they celebrated how conditioned they were as we forced Mountain View to put up a fight in our final game. I’m looking forward to working with these ladies again next season! Good work, Lady Eagles!”

Student awards from the IISSAC tournament: Ollie won the BAIS Male MVP award and Beltra Chong won the BAIS Female MVP. Congratulations on your accomplishment and recognition. Each award was voted on by the coaches of the opposing teams.

We are proud of all our graduating seniors: Rio Primandaru, Jason Sastra, GyeongMin Kwon, Kyla Lee, and Beltra Chong. Below is a recollection of our senior’s favorite basketball memories:

Rio: “Even though there was no bathroom in the bus and it was very cold, I particularly enjoyed our rides because the middle schoolers are hilarious. The banquet was somewhat uneventful, but that’s okay because I got to see the ninth and tenth graders awkwardly make new friends. We never beat MCS, our eternal rivals, but both the boys’ and girls’ team still gave everything they had on the court. As a senior, it was these moments with my underclassmen that I cherish the most. I’ll eventually forget the jokes, the awkward moments, and Ezra’s blocks (sorry Ezra), but the relationships I made will never go away, and that has been what made my IISSACs all worthwhile.”

Jason: “The basketball team has always been filled with joy. Even in the finals, we never stopped chanting even though all of us were tired. Even though I had no more voice left, I still continued to try to cheer as hard as I could for my teammates because seeing everyone huddle together in joy after victory is truly a beautiful moment.”

GyeongMin: “The basketball team has always been filled with joy. Even in the finals, we never stopped chanting even though all of us were tired. Even though I had no more voice left, I continued to try to cheer as hard as I could for my team. My favorite memory from this IISSAC was when the girls won their first game against Bali. It felt way more satisfying than winning our own games because it felt like the girls really worked hard to win those games. The amount of excitement from the crowd, the boys’ team, and the girl’s team is something I will never forget because seeing everyone huddle together in joy after victory is truly a beautiful moment.”

Kyla: “This is my second year on the basketball team, and also my last. During this season, we worked way harder than we did last season. We had more conditioning after our practice on the basketball court in order to become more fit for the games. My favorite memory from this season is definitely returning from SIS and seeing Beltra just lying on the hotel bed with three packs of ice on her knee, hip, and elbow. Almost every single time we get back, I already know that Beltra will be needing ice packs to ice her injuries, so I would just ask for one every single time we get back without even asking her. And of course, my other favorite IISSAC moment is winning against SIS and going into the semi-finals for the very first time. It was unbelievable that we got into the semi-finals for the first time in history. All those sprints, suicides, conditioning, and workouts have finally paid off during IISSAC as we were able to place third among the six schools. Winning more games than what we anticipated also felt great and showed the effort we have put in throughout the season. The seniors also had a fun time during IISSAC, as we got to hang out and spend more time with each other and also encourage one another during the tournament.”

Beltra: “This season, the girls’ basketball team has improved a lot. The extra 30 minutes of conditioning after every practice has really paid off in the long run. The first couple of practices were really tough, but after winning our first game against BIS, it really made all the running worth it. The week of IISSAC, before we left, I remembered Gyeong Min asking me what place I thought the girl’s team would get, and I was surprised when he believed we could win 3rd. When we won our first game in IISSAC, everyone was happy, and it was really nice getting the support from everyone in the BAIS community. I have never felt so much love and support from the people who came out all the way to Surabaya and those watching from the live stream at home. From the beginning till the very end, everyone has been very encouraging and supportive in every single game. In every win and every game, the boys’ team has showed much love and always made a tunnel for the girls. Even when the girls had to leave at 5:45 in the morning, a majority of the boys woke up and came to cheer for our first game on Sunday even though their game was at 10. All the hard work and support that was invested into the team has really made this IISSAC season a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience.”

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2020 IISSAC Basketball trip possible I want to specifically thank:
– Parents! It is incredibly encouraging to seeing so many BAIS parents come to Surabaya to support the basketball teams. Someone mentioned to me they were impressed to see so many BAIS parents at the tournament. Thanks for your help with providing meals for our teams!
– BAIS coaches: Jeremy Thomas, Bruce Walker, Bethany Christensen, and Amy Hayes. Thank you for your example and continued commitment to your teams and the basketball program.
– Ibu Dias for all the planning, time, and energy she gave in preparing for the tournament.
– Pak Amu worked with SIS to have the games streamed for hundreds of fans all over the world. I want to thank he and his family for their time and sacrifice to help more people watch the games through a streaming service and other BAIS social media outlets. Also, thank you Simeon Gunthorpe and Hananiah Ramappa for helping to video the finals.
– All the subs and teachers that covered classes for the teachers gone to the tournament. It’s always incredible to see how quickly teachers are willing to give up their planning periods to help when it’s needed.
– Teacher’s understanding and grace with missing students for three days and helping student-athletes catch up on content missed.
Teachers that came to Surabaya to support and cheer for their students (and former students).
Pak Chevy for helping with the detailed travel itinerary and bus route!

BAIS offers student athletes the opportunity to earn .25 PE (maximum of 2 waivers) credit towards your graduation requirements through the time that you have already invested in basketball. To show BAIS that you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, students need to complete the BAIS PE Waiver, gather signatures, and return it to Ibu Leony in the front office no later than 3:30pm on Tuesday, March 10th.
Ms. Hall has placed printed copies hanging on the bulletin board near the staff lounge.

IISSAC Swim, Badminton, and Cross Country

The IISSAC Swim Tryouts start Monday, March 2.All swimmers are expected to compete in the BAISInvitational on March 7.The IISSAC swim meet will be April 24-26 at Wesleyin Malang.Once teams are announced, a 2juta down paymentwill be required to cover IISSAC costs by the IISSACBlue team and a 500.000Rp down payment will beexpected for the IISSAC Grey team.

The IISSAC Cross Country race has been movedfrom Salatiga to be hosted by Welsey in Malang(April 24-26).Practice began Feb. 10. The 2juta down payment and physical forms are due to Ibu Hani and Mr.Whitehurst by Feb. 28.

IISSAC Badminton tryouts began Feb. 24. Teams will be announced Monday, March 2.We are excited to welcome Coach Martin to the BAIS athletic program.

The 2juta down payment and physical forms are due to Mr. Powers or Ibu Dias by March 6 to help cover IISSAC season’s costs and down payments.

After School Clubs and Activities

Season Three starts Monday, March 2 and lasts until May 21. There will be no clubs March 23-27; April 10; April 1 and 7

BAIS will host a swim invitational on Saturday, March 7. Register for the meet by filling out the BAIS INVITATIONAL SWIM MEET 2020.

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

If you are interested or willing to volunteer, please contact Justin Powers (justinpowers@baisedu.org) or fill out the IISSAC Volunteer Form.

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