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From the Elementary Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents and Students,

The end of the semester has arrived and a much‐needed break is coming.  Every year this is one my favorite times, not just because of the Christmas season, but because it is the time when the students have learned routines, the classes are flowing smoothly, and we all see amazing growth from the beginning of the year until now. This is also the time of year in regards to curriculum that we begin thinking about ways to improve our curricular program for the coming years. Every year, we focus on one or two areas of curriculum that we want to review and improve. The first of the two programs we are reviewing is Social Studies. A month or two ago, a committee of teachers and administrators met to adopt a new Program Core Values statement ‐ The BAIS PK‐12 Social Studies program is designed to provide students with a thorough grasp of essential history, geography, and social science skills and concepts, all taught from both biblical and  international perspectives. Our students will become global citizens who are able to interpret and respond to the world intelligently, critically, logically, respectfully, and biblically.  Our next step is to begin looking at new methods, standards, and resources that we can adopt for the 2019‐2020 school year to strengthen and enhance our Social Studies classes from PK‐12th grade.

The second curriculum program that we are reviewing is Bible and Spiritual Life. A committee of parents, teacher, and administrators have been formed to gather feedback on the strengths and areas of improvement for Bible class, Chapel, SEW, and WWW. I want to pause and say thank you for Ibu Ling ‐Ling, Ibu Jakung, and Mr. Gunthorpe for volunteering to be the parent representatives for this committee. In order to help with our Bible review process, we would like to ask all our parents to take a moment in these next few weeks to fill out a short twelve question survey on our Bible and Spiritual Life programs. There are three versions of the survey (English, Indonesian, and Korean) so feel free to pick the language you are most comfortable to give your feedback. We are excited to look at this feedback and find ways to improve this valuable part of our curricular program.

Charity LaMertha
Elementary Principal

National Honor Society

The BAIS chapter of the National Honor Society is now accepting applications for membership.
NHS is a national organization based in America that recognizes high achieving students in grades 10‐12.
Please see Mrs. Nielsen for more detailed information. The due date for completed applications is January 11, 2019.

Swimming Pool Schedule

Due to Christmas Holiday, we would like to inform you about the new schedule of the swimming pool:

Drama Announcement

The next practice is Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019
Scenes 7, 9 Songs ‐ “Prince Ali” & “Prince Ali Reprise”
Performers: All
Crew: Josiah and Angel

Face the Facts!

Face the Facts – Teachers Competing

Congratulations to Darrel Primandaru and Kenan Hallatu for winning Face the Facts on Thursday! Jeremy Budijono and Elijah Loewen earned 2nd place.

A big ‘well done’ to all of the FtF participants, including the awesome BAIS staff who battled it out in the ‘teacher round’!

Student competitors: Stefanie Katsumi, Lena McPherson, Sean Oh, Aliza
Ernsberger, RyAnne Davis, Lucas Lo, Erica Oh, Gwen Lie, Kezia Chandra, *Azariah Ramappa was sick and couldn’t participate


Why does Elementary have a Face the Facts Competition?

Yesterday marked the annual 1st‐5th grade Face the Facts Fall Competition. Twice a year we host this volunteer competition as a way as a fun way to encourage students in their learning of their math facts. Students who are fluent in their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division have a significantly easier time in math in the Secondary. Congratulations Kenan Hallatu, gr. 2, for winning the 1‐2nd grade Addition/Subtraction competition.

Congratulations, Darrel Primandaru, gr. 5, for winning the 3‐5th grade Multiplication/Division round. Keep studying those math facts!!!!

Charity (LaMertha) Sianturi, Ed.S

Athletics & Club News

IISSAC Basketball

Stats against CBCS (Dec. 11):

After School Clubs and Activities

Re-enrollment Form

Dear Parents,

Please be sure to complete the re‐enrollment form and return it to the BAIS office on or before Friday, January 11, 2019 to re‐enroll your student(s) for next year.

Please note after January 11, 2019 your child’s seat in their class is no longer secure. Some classes are close to their student limit, so please reenroll promptly to ensure your student’s seat. The 10,000,000 IDR non‐refundable reenrollment deposit will be applied towards the student’s fall 2019 tuition.

After January 11, 2019, only 7,000,000 IDR of the 10,000,000 IDR deposit will be applied towards your student’s fall 2019 tuition.

Please see the school website for a copy of the re‐enrollment form. If you have any questions, email or stop by the office at any time.

Positions Available for 2018 – 2019 School Year

Every December the teaching faculty at BAIS who hold a contract that is expiring at the end of this school year must inform the administration of their intent to return for the 2019‐2020 school year. Of our teaching staff, there were 15 teachers with expiring contracts. We are so pleased to report that 14 of those teachers decided to return!!

In light of that information, below are the positions we will be searching for over the next several months. The following positions we are looking to fill for the 2018‐2019 school year.

In addition to those positions, we will be seeking a new front office receptionist and public relations / marketing specialist.

In Him,
Karl Nielsen

Writing Assessment

Prompt #2: Tell a brief story of a person who wakes up to find herself/himself in an unusual circumstance or place and how she/he returned to normal.

Fall 2018 Writing Prompt

By: Fallon Lo

Winds rushing through pieces of hair. Hands held tightly close to each other. Laughter being cried out loud. An image of a couple skipping around the amusement park. Suddenly, black cars with loud roars came rushing towards them. People all dressed in black came rushing out of the car with guns. A single shot took the life of the girl. The boy kneeled down crying beside the dead girl’s body. And not long after, the boy got shot too.

Athena woke up from her dreadful dream with sweat all over her forehead. She wrote down the details of the dream and wrote the date. She did this because her dreams were not ordinary dreams. They were dreams that tell about the future. Whatever happens in her dream, it becomes reality.  Athena had been having these dreams ever since she was just a little girl. Some had happy‐endings, but some were as bad as the one she had last night.

“Athena, darling, come down to have some breakfast.” yelled her mom.
“Okay mom! Be right there!” replied Athena

Athena got out of bed and started heading towards the kitchen downstairs. She put on a quick outfit that was comfortable for the day. Athena’s mom handed Athena a plate of mac‐and‐ cheese and some fried chicken that
were leftovers from yesterday. A smile came upon Athena’s face, for she was starving.

“Thanks mom! This is delicious!” cried Athena
Her mom smiled, looking happily as if it was the day Athena was just born. Her eyes glanced at how well her daughter ate. As Athena’s mom went into the kitchen to get a cup of water, Athena decided to tell about her dream
last night.

“Mom. I had another dream last night.” said Athena with cheese all over her mouth.
“What was it about this time?” asked her mom.
“It was about this couple who were having this romantic date at the South Pier amusement park. They were having a wonderful time with each other until suddenly, a group of people with guns decided to shoot the girl. The boy cried beside his dead girlfriend’s body, but not long after, he got shot too,” explained Athena.

“That is a very interesting dream,” thought her mom
“But I am wondering when it will happen. Maybe you can go to the amusement park to check out if that will happen today.” suggested her mom.

“I think I will, unless you have any errands for me to run for you.” asked Athena
“I don’t think there’s anything I would like for you to do today.” said her mom
Athena nodded her head and began going up the stairs and into her room. She headed for the bathroom to wash her face after eating all that cheese. Minutes after, Athena came out of her room all dressed and ready to go to
the South Pier. She packed her bags with money, her phone, and some snacks. Athena headed out for the door. She locked the door with her keys and started walking towards the bus stop. Athena got on the bus heading for the South Pier and sat in the seat and the far back. Not long after, she realized her bus ticket was gone. She looked from head to toe on where she left it.

“Excuse me,” said a teenage boy
“Yes?” asked Athena
“I believe this is your bus ticket. You dropped it in my bag.” explained the boy.
“Pheww. I thought I lost my ticket! Thank you so much!” cried Athena
“My name is Noah by the way. I’m on my way to the South Pier too,” said the boy
“My name is Athena. Guess we are both going to the same place!” said Athena
“Indeed we are. Athena, how old are you?” asked Noah.
“I’m 16. How about you?” asked Athena.
“Oh. I’m 17. So we are 1 year apart huh,” said Noah.
Athena’s eyes looked deeply into Noah’s eyes. She just couldn’t stop looking at his shiny hair. Her heart beated fast as Noah talked. She’s never felt this way before to a guy she never knew.
“Do you want to get a drink or something?” asked Noah
“Sure!” said Athena happily.
Noah began to sit next to Athena and they talked about their life the whole trip. As the time passed by, Athena and Noah found out that they were meant for each other. Their eyes looked into each other’s, and their hearts started beating fast. They got off the bus and headed towards a nearby cafe. Athena chose a cafe that she thought would give a good atmosphere for the two of them. They were both seated to a table next to the giant window with the view of the entire pier. Their eyes were locked with each other’s, and  heir hands were getting sweaty.

“You know what Athena? I think that we are truly meant for each other.” said Noah
Athena’s eyes light up like candles.
“I know! I don’t know why, but I feel like we are destined to be!” exclaimed Athena.
“But there is one thing you should know about me first.” said Noah with a sudden deep voice.
“What is it?” asked Athena
“Every night, I have dreams that somehow show me the future on what’s going to happen. I don’t know why, but I just feel like nobody would accept me because of the uniqueness I have about these dreams.”

Athena’s jaw dropped hard. She couldn’t believe what Noah just said. “Maybe we are truly meant for each other.” thought Athena
“Noah, I know this is crazy, but I have these dreams too!” said Athena
Noah’s eyes turned narrow.
“Really?!” shouted Noah
“Yes! That’s the reason why I came here. I had a dream last night about this couple getting shot in the pier.” explained Athena
Both eyes were wide open. No one said a word, everything was silent. After a few second of silence, Noah and Athena talked about the dreams they had just to see if they were similar. Their conversation went on and on
until they forgot the reason why they came to the pier at the first place.
“Athena, I know this sounds crazy, but will you be my girlfriend?” asked Noah.
Athena’s eyes dilated, and looked straight into Noah’s eyes.
“Yes Noah!” cried Athena
Noah picked Athena out of her seat and jumped lightly on the floor. They headed for the bus stop home to tell their parents about the good news.
They rode the bus for about 2 hours straight. Noah laid his head on Athena’s shoulders and began to fall into a deep sleep. Athena was not tired at all, for she was so happy that she found the love of her life. She could not believe that destiny brought her to be. The bus reached to the bus station in front of  Athena’s house. She gently tapped on Noah head and told him that they reached the stop. They got of the bus after putting the ticket in the ticket box. Athena opened the door with her keys and began to head inside the house. She was nervous for this moment. Noah held Athena’s hand and began to step in the house. They were both so nervous.
“Mom. We are home! I brought a guest along.” yelled Athena
There was no answer, so Athena tried calling her mom again. After multiple times of calling, Athena finally began to check if her mom was okay. She headed for her mom’s room. And there she found her mother dead on the
floor, with a knife stuck in her chest.
“Mom! What happened! Why!” cried Athena out loud.
Noah came rushing into the room and seeing the dead body. His face turned from a smile into a frown.
“What happened?!” asked Noah
“ I don’t know.” said Athena

Noah looked around for clues to see how Athena’s mom died. He found a piece of broken glass on the floor next to the window.

“I think someone broke in and murdered your mother.” suggested Noah
Athena looked around the room. A thought suddenly popped into her head. A thought about a dream that she had about her mom dying.

“Oh my gosh. I knew it.” said Athena
“Knew what?” asked Noah
“I had a dream about my mom dying 2 months ago. I was so scared that it might really happen, so I tried to forget it.” cried Athena

Noah hugged his girlfriend tightly around his arms. His arms gave some comfort to Athena, but not enough to help her overcome the grief she has for her mother. She knew he would be the only one who ever really understood her.

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