Issue 17: December 13, 2019

From the Secondary Principal

The end of November and all of December have been a blur! It seems like yesterday we were celebrating SEW, American Thanksgiving, and now we are already entering first semester exam week!

Secondary students have been preparing diligently to be successful on their final exams. It is very important that students keep a few things in mind as they prepare. Teachers will be very proactive preventing anyone from having an unfair advantage on the exams. These days, with so many devices and so much temptation, we will all work together to prevent cheating. It is recommended that students leave all study materials and backpacks in their lockers during exams. If students do bring materials to testing, they will be required to leave everything not relevant to the exams in the front of the classroom, not near the students. Of course, students should not have their phones with them during exams.

Students will be required to remain in the testing room for at least 60 minutes for every exam. There is no need to rush! After the 60 minutes, students will be released one-at-a-time to study in the library, lobby, or sports court. The secondary hallway is off limits except when retrieving items from lockers.

For attendance, all students will report directly to their exam rooms before 7:45. They will have a small amount of time to complete some final studying and the first exams of the day will officially start at 8:00.

Students, you’ve been working so hard all year! Keep fighting and finish strongly!

Good luck!

Mr. Thomas, MS. Ed.
Secondary Principal

Drama Annoucement


All cast and crew, you have drama practice this Saturday, Dec. 14, from 2-5pm in the MPR. We will be running all of Act 1.
There will be NO drama practice on Wednesday, Dec. 18 so that cast and crew members can study for midterm exams.

Athletics & Club News

IISSAC Basketball

  • The 2019 IISSAC 2019-2020 Record
    Boys: 2-2
    Girls: 1-3
  • Friday, Dec. 6 – Boys vs. SMAN2 Cimahi: 37-31
    Stats: Ezra 27Pts, 7 DR, 8 OR, 3 A, 4 S, 3 B; Jake 6Pts, 5 DR, 1 OR, 4 S, 1 A; Sandor 2Pts, 3 DR, 2 OR; GyeongMin 2Pts, 1 S; SeongHwa 1 DR, 2 OR, 1 A, 1 S; Rio 2 DR, 1 A, 1 B; Jason 1 S; SangYun 1 OR
  • Monday, Dec. 9 – Boys @ Trimulia: 38-51
    Stats: Ezra 22Pts (71% from the Free Throw line), 13 DR, 6 OR, 1 S, 2 B; SeongHwa 7Pts, 1 DR, 1 OR, 1 S; Clifford 3Pts, 1 OR; Sandor 2Pts, 4 DR, 2 OR, 1 A, 1 S; Jake 2Pts, 4 DR, 1 OR, 1 A; Rio 2Pts, 2 OR, 2 A; GyeongMin 1 DR Freshman SeongHwa had his best game of the season thus far. He scored 7 points and was shooting at 60%! He said, “The game against Trimulia on Monday was pretty amazing and tough. We worked hard with our passion and freedom in the game. All the players played very well and did their best to win this big game. All of us practiced hard and improved a lot. We had some turnovers and missed passes during 3rd and 4th quarter. That’s why the score gap began to widen. I think we should practice getting back on defense quickly and our passing skills.”
  • Friday, Dec. 6 – Girls vs. SMAN2 Cimahi: 11-17
    Stats: Emily 4Pts, 3 DR, 1 OR, 2S; Beltra 4Pts, 2 S; Sherin 2 Pts, 1 DR, 1 S; Rachel 1Pt, 2 DR, 2 OR; Karen 3 DR, 3 OR, 1 S; HaYeon 3 DR, 3 OR, 1 S; Kyla 3 DR, 1 OR; Petra 2 DR; Mia 1 DR
  • Monday, Dec. 9 – Girls @ Trimulia: 12-51
    Stats: Beltra 5Pts, 1 Rebound; Emily 2Pts, 9 Rebounds; HaYeon 2Pts, 2 Rebounds; Luana 2Pts; Sherin 1Pt, 5 Rebounds; Rachel 7 Rebounds; Mia 4 Rebounds; Karen 3 Rebounds Senior and captain Beltra said, “The game that we had against SMAN2 Cimahi and Trimulia gave the girls’ basketball team a great opportunity to improve our skills. Though we were behind, the girls learned many things that they could improve on to be better as a team. In these games, the new girls in the team have really stepped up, like Luana who scored a goal at the Trimulia game. The girls are now aiming to improve their skills that they need to based on these two games. I am very proud of the girls and I am so excited to see how the BAIS girls team improves over time!”

Pts: Points Scored // DR: Defensive Rebound // OR: Offensive Rebound // B: Block // A: Assist // S: Steal

Upcoming Games:

  • BAIS @ Trinitas -Saturday, Dec. 14. Girls start at 9am; Boys follow. (Girls leave from BAIS at 8am; Boys leave at 8.30am).
  • BAIS vs. SMANCIS –Tuesday, Dec. 17. Girls start at 4pm; Boys follow.
  • The BAC Tournament is Feb. 8 at Trimulia.
  • The IISSAC tournament will be Feb. 21-23 at Surabaya.

After School Clubs and Activities

Season Two of After School Clubs/Activities will pause for the Christmas break starting Wednesday, December 18. There are no clubs Dec. 19-Jan. 10.

  • Starting in January 15 there will be a Kid’s Yoga Club open to Preschool students. The club will meet at 2:45 on Wednesdays. There are only seven spots available. Please contact Ibu Dias if you want your child to join.
  • The Battle of the Books teams competed in the friendly ‘Community vs. Student’ battle, Dec. 3! Thanks to the community team that consisted of Hani/Mish Ramappa, Alithia Davis, Melissa Hall, Kelly Wongkar, and Jana Dickman. The Battle of the Books teams will travel to Salatiga for the BoB competition against MCS on January 18. The BAIS team consist of Michael Hartono, Kezia Chandra, Lulu Shi, David Park, JiHun Shin, JiSeong Shin, HuiSoo Woo, Jaeha Jung, Erica Oh, Nathan Darmamulia, Esther Lindley, and Ryanne Davis

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Why We Do What We Do – Battle of the Books

When school is back in session in 2020, the Battle of the Books team will take a field trip to Salatiga for the annual Battle of the Books competition. They are hoping to defend their 2018-2019 title and come home with the trophy! Participating students have read a selection of books since May and will gather their collective team knowledge to answer literature-related trivia questions against Mountainview Christian School. This club fosters a love of reading and literature, teamwork, perseverance, and fun! Please wish all Battle of the Books participants good luck in January!

Finance News

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that the second semester payment is due on or before Friday, January 10, 2020. Additionally, the payment options that BAIS allows here in Indonesia are as follows:

For Indonesian Rupiah cash payments, please pay directly to the BAIS Finance Office during office hours. BAIS accepts cash payments between 7:45 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. For bank transfers, please pay directly to the BAIS bank account with full detailed information regarding the student’s name and grade in the information section of the bank form. The bank account information is the following:

Bank Name: PT Bank Permata
Bank Address: Jalan Merdeka No. 66, Bandung
Account Name: Yayasan Bandung Alliance Intercultural S
Account #: 809-01-8415
Swift Code: BBBAIDJA

Please note that BAIS does not accept Giros, Checks, or ATM transfers as a payment method. If you have any questions, please contact the Finance team at We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

MS and HS Semester 1 Exam Schedule

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