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From BAIS Secondary Principal

Through interactions with PACE, parent meetings, and other communication, many of you know that next week BAIS is hosting a visiting team for Indonesian SPK accreditation. It was an answered prayer that the accreditation was not scheduled during SEW and the short week of school!

This process will verify the results of our self-assessment that BAIS is meeting various standards that educational officials have determined vital for international schools in Indonesia. We are pleased and grateful to be supported by Ibu Gledya Melissa who is leading BAIS through this process.

The visiting team will be looking at our elementary programs (SD), middle school programs (SMP), and our high school programs (SMA). Some key areas of focus for them will be how we implement Indonesian Civics and Survey, Indonesian language classes, and how we teach Bible (agama) classes. They will also meet with some of our teachers and students.

As we seek to comply with all regulations you might have noticed some slight changes on campus. Framed pictures of the Pancasila, President Ir. H. Joko Widodo, and vice-president K. H. Ma’ruf Amin have been installed in every classroom and office. Signage on campus has been amended to include bahasa Indonesia and a new bi-lingual mission/vision statement sign has been hung in the lobby.

Please pray that the visit goes smoothly, and the officials are welcomed warmly to observe our loving, excellent community!

Mr. Thomas, MS. Ed.
Secondary Principal

Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert, “From Creation to Christ” will be December 13 at 5:30pm after the PACE Christmas Bazaar!

All students should wear Christmas colors which can include crimson red, forest green, gold, white, or black.

Boys may wear pants, a plain, nice t-shirt or a collared shirt, and dress shoes with dark socks. Please do not wear sneakers or sandals.

Girls may wear pants, a plain nice t-shirt or a collared shirt, and dress shoes. Please do not wear sneakers or sandals. Girls are permitted to wear modest dresses as long as they follow the formal dress code in the parent-student handbook.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

Elementary Face the Facts!

Each year elementary students in grades 1-5 have an opportunity to participate in our two bi-annual ‘Face the Facts’ competitions! Students compete to answer math facts fastest and most accurately.

Lower Elementary facts: addition and subtraction to 20s (10s)
Upper Elementary facts: multiplication and division to 144 (12s)

The finals will be on Thursday, Dec. 19th at 10:35am in the MPR. Parents are invited to watch and to compete in the teacher/parent round!

We will send home permission slips in a few weeks, but students, you can start practicing now! Questions? ClarissaRibbens@baisedu.org

SEW Auction

We are auctioning the three decoration pieces starting at Rp 100.000. If you are interested in bidding, please fill out the following Google Form: https://forms.gle/HAp1VVT2x3iRqfGt8

All profits will go towards supporting the Free & Safe Prison outreach foundation.

Battle of the Books

For Sale: Dried Mangoes and Pineapple!

The Battle of the Books team is selling dried fruit again this year! They are a great snack for yourself or as a gift for friends/family. As a bonus, buying this fruit also supports the SunRei outreach in Malang! Check out these delicious options!

Dried fruit will be sold in the lobby near the senior store during break time by the BOB team. Want a LOT of fruit!? Of course, you do, it’s delicious! If you would like to make a bulk order, please email kellywongkar@baisedu.org with the list of what you want and it will be prepared for you.

~ Ms. Ribbens & Mrs. Wongkar

Athletics & Club News

IISSAC Basketball

The 2019 IISSAC 2019-2020 Record:

Boys: 43-22

Stats: Ezra 24Pts, 11 DR, 9 OR, 1 A, 2 S; GyeongMin 9Pts, 3 DR, 1 S; SeongHwa 3Pts, 2 DR; Jake 3Pts, 2 OR, 2A; Sandor 2Pts, 3 DR, 2 OR, 2 A, 2 S; Fred 2Pts, 1 DR, 1 S; Clifford 3 DR; SangYun 1 DR, 2 A, 1 S; Rio 2 DR, 1 A, 1 S; Jason 1 A

Pts: Points Scored // DR: Defensive Rebound // OR: Offensive Rebound // B: Block // A: Assist // S: Steal

Mr. Thomas said, “We played good pressure defense but got into a little bit of foul trouble. There was one hard foul when one of our players went up for a layup and I was proud of Jake for not retaliating other than making a clutch three later on in the game.” Sophomore Jake said, “This game, we improved a lot especially our full-court pressing. It was efficient and they couldn’t stop us. We had fewer turnovers in this game, which was good, but I think we should still work on our passes to reduce turnovers.”

Girls: 13-11

Stats: Beltra 6Pts, 6 S, 1 A; Emily 3 Pts, 2 DR, 3 OR, 1 S; Karen 2Pt, 4 DR, 4 OR, 3 S; Jinny 2Pts, 2 S; Sherin 3 Dr, 2 OR, 1 S; HaYeon 1 DR, 3 OR, 1S; Rachel 2DR; Mia 1 DR

Pts: Points Scored // DR: Defensive Rebound // OR: Offensive Rebound // B: Block // A: Assist // S: Steal

Ms. Christensen says, “Coach Hays and I were so proud of the girls team after the well deserved win at BIS last Friday. They played with intensity and shut down the BIS offense again and again. We still have plenty to work on, but I love how far we have come in such a short time.”

Senior and captain Beltra says, “The BIS game on Friday was really intense and our team came out with a win. We worked hard and we had a blast playing the game. Even though at the beginning of the game the girls were behind, but I loved how our team kept our heads held high and continued playing as best as we could. I am really proud of the team and I hope that we continue growing together!”

Freshman Jinny (who clinched two essential free throws in the fourth quarter) said, “Our game against BIS was great because we fought hard and stayed aggressive continuously during the game. We got to apply and show the basketball skills that we learned this season during this game. Our team improved so much compared to last year, and I think this result also showed in the BIS. I hope that we’ll win against them again next time with more points apart. Go team!”

The week of Dec. 2-6 Girls will practice from 3:45-5:45; Boys will practice from 4:30-6:00. BAIS vs. SMAN2 Cimahi -Friday, Dec. 6 Girls start at 4pm; Boys follow.

The IISSAC tournament will be Feb. 21-23 at Surabaya.

After School Clubs and Activities

This past Saturday BAIS hosted a swim meet with about 200 participants. A huge thanks to Pak Henry and all the BAIS staff that helped make the invitational a success. Some Swim Stats from the meet:

Season Two of After School Clubs/Activities has started! Reminder that there will be no clubs Nov. 25-29; Dec. 19-Jan. 10.

Starting in January 15 there will be a Kid’s Yoga Club open to Preschool students. The club will meet at 2:45 on Wednesdays. There are only seven spots available. Please contact Ibu Dias if you want your child to join.

We are looking for people interested in helping the Battle of the Books kids by participating in a friendly ‘Community vs. Student’ battle! Any adult in the community is welcome to join! This will be Dec. 3 from 3:45-4:45. If you would have read even one of the following books, and are willing to give about an hour of your time to participate in a fun trivia game, then you qualify! Please let Ms. Ribbens know if you’d like to join and I’ll send you a calendar invite! Thanks in advance!

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information.

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