Issue 12: November 4, 2021

From the Guidance Counselor

Phew! With the first university deadline closing on Monday, November 1st, at 11:59 pm, just under 25% of the senior class have submitted applications for either Early Decision or Early Action to their first choice universities.

Those applications represent more than just the hours each senior spent filling them out. They represent years of work; it shows their writing abilities, test scores, extra-curricular activities, and their passions. It shows how a student has invested in their education. It shows their achievements, both inside and outside the classroom. It explains what they are passionate about, whether sports, or art, or drama, debate club, volunteering to serve people… What an excellent way to reflect on the ways that they have grown during their high school years!

Ricky Toh, BAIS Class of 2017 currently studying at Stanford University says it best, “Universities are not as interested in how many activities a student was involved in, but whether they found something they were passionate about and pursued it.”

I look forward to working with more seniors as they work through their applications throughout this school year. Depending on the country they are applying to, seniors will be working on applications from now until June of 2022.

This semester, the 11th graders have begun researching and exploring universities, tech schools, art schools, Bible schools, or internships to apply to after their graduation in May of 2023. They are setting personal deadlines and have begun to understand what is expected of them if they choose to apply to those schools or try other adventures.

I thought you might be interested in some facts and terminology as your student gets closer to this season:

Since 2013, 98% of BAIS Grads have applied and been accepted to universities, colleges, and technical schools in 15 different countries.

*Other Countries include: Germany, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, & United Arab Emirates

  • Early Decision – The deadline is early November. Binding. If the student is accepted, the student MUST attend that school. All other applications to universities around the world must be withdrawn.
  • Early Action – The deadline is early November. Nonbinding. If the student is accepted, they can continue to apply to other schools.
  • Regular Decision – The deadline is early to mid-January.
  • Selective Admissions – Typically, universities with an acceptance rate below 50%
  • Highly-Selective Admissions – Typically, universities with an acceptance rate below 20%. Some as low at 5%

Hot Lunch Program

For any student who would like to have a BAIS hot lunch, they start on November 15th, please submit payments by November 10th.

Thank you!

School Portrait Day & Class Photos

November 16, 2021

  • Individual student photos and class photos will be taken outside the school building during the first part of the morning.
  • Students should not wear their PE uniform for their pictures.
  • Class photos will be taken outside with appropriate spacing.

For students that are absent, online, or out of the country, there will be another school portrait day in February.

The Build to Give Club

The Build to Give club is helping organize this year’s Angel Tree for Permata Bali Children’s Home! BAIS has a longstanding relationship with this ministry– for many years Mr. and Mrs. Paese facilitated our gift-giving and, even though they’ve left BAIS, we have continued to share our blessings with the children, youth, and workers at Bali Permata every year at Christmas. This year, our Build To Give club will take care of this event.

There are 30 children/youth and 7 staff/workers for whom we’d like to buy Christmas presents! Can you help? This is the link to the PDF document where all the information about the children/youth and staff workers are. If you are willing to support this endeavor, please fill out this form. Once you have filled out the form, we will contact you with the details. We also have a special place in the library this year so that you can pick an angel from the Christmas tree placed in the middle of the library starting Monday, November 8th. Please scan the QR Code on the poster there to sign up in the form after you have picked an angel/a child. Please sign up by November 18th, 2021 using the form in the link provided above. Monetary donations are also due on November 18th, 2021. If you choose to donate gifts directly, wrapped gifts need to be delivered to the BAIS lobby by November 23rd, 2021 so that we can ship the gifts to Bali in time for Christmas! Thank you!
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Squiers (, Sherin Chong (, or Melissa Budijono (

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