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From the BAIS Athletic Director’s Desk

BAIS Family,

Thank you for your continued involvement in and support of our BAIS community. It is encouraging and humbling to see so many parents and teachers invest into the lives of our students. At the end of October our first trimester of After School Activities and Clubs will end. Thanks to the sacrifice of many teachers and members of the community, we were able to offer sixteen different extracurricular activities to our student body! Please consider leading a club/activity in the remaining second and third trimesters of this school year. The new trimester begins November 6 and we are excited about some of the clubs that will be available.

This coming Thursday morning our BAIS soccer players will leave for Malang to compete in the IISSAC Soccer Tournament. In Malang, BAIS will contend with six other schools, Friday to Sunday, and return to Bandung Monday morning. I remember how much fun (and work) hosting the soccer tournament was last year. I am glad this year we get to just be participants. 🙂 We will be hosting the IISSAC Swim Tournament at the end of April and we look forward to seeing the BAIS community come together again to make it a success. When you see a BAIS soccer player, please encourage them and ask about their season.

Our hope is that the students at BAIS not only receive a quality education but also be provided with a loving, supportive community where they can participate in a variety of new and exciting activities. Thank you for being a part of our BAIS family and all you do to contribute to its success.

In love,
Mr. Justin Powers

From Math Department

Hello everyone!

BAIS has learned of an opportunity to join the Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) 201.

The contest will be held Saturday, November 21, 2017 at Stamford School, Dago Atas, Bandung and is open for all students from grade 1-12. If you are interested, please contact me, ritaharsono@baisedu.org, with your full name and current grade before October 27. The admission fee is 200,000 rupiah per student.

We will send some further detail once we have the list of students participating.

Ibu Rita Harsono
Math Teacher


October 21, 2017 SATURDAY PRACTICE 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Scene One: Goodbye, Emerald City

October 25, 2017 4:00 – 6:00 PM
Scene Four: The Battle

Mini Jazz Concert

Everyone is welcome!

IISSAC Spirit Week

Athletics & Club News


After School Activities

Elementary Clubs/Activities

Club Highlight of the Week: Battle of the Books (BoB)

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

BOB Fundraiser: Mangoes! Pineapples! Papayas!

The Battle of the Books team is selling dried fruit as a fundraiser. These make for a great snack for yourself or a gift for friends/family. Check out these delicious options!

Dried fruits are sold next to Ibu Retno’s desk sold by the BOB team during breaktime. Want a LOT of fruit!? Of course you do, they are delicious! If you would like to make a bulk order, please email me at hermionezhang@baisedu.org with the list of what you want. I will deliver your order to your student.

As an added bonus, buying the fruit also supports the SunRei outreach in Malang!

From the School Counselor

On Tuesday, October 24, 10th-12th graders will be joining college preparation workshops from 1:00-2:00 taught by representatives from universities around the world. From 2:00-2:45, parents are welcome to join a mini college fair.

Secondary End of Quarter Reminder:

Secondary students will not receive hard copy report cards for the end of quarter one. All teachers have created a quarter one comment in the grade books that parents and students can read. Please also note that semester one final grades are calculated with the semester one score weighted at 80% and the semester one exam weighted at 20%. Final grades for semester one will be sent home in January.

Mr. Jeremy Thomas
Secondary Principal

If you want to be part of the BAIS WhatsApp group, please save this number: 08281-90-90000 in your mobile phone as a BAIS contact. This will enable you to receive WhatsApp notification from BAIS.

Haven’t signed up for WhatsApp notification? Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/66y09SHXFbB3AQg03

BAIS Office

Download the full issue as PDF: Issue 11: 20 October, 2017 – English

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