Issue 11: October 19, 2018

From the Athletic Director’s Desk

BAIS Family,

I am frequently humbled and impressed by the number of parents, teachers, and staff that invest into the lives of our students. Thank you for your continued involvement in and dedication to our BAIS community. We have been able to offer a variety of new after school activities because parents have helped connect us to outside club sponsors. A special thanks to those parents who have offered to lead new clubs, volunteered at the swim invitational, and played in our staff games.

Next week is our final week of season one after school activities and IISSAC soccer. Thanks to the sacrifice of many teachers and members of the community, we were able to offer twenty different extracurricular activities to our student body! Please consider leading a club/activity in the remaining second and third trimesters of this school year. The new trimester begins November 5 and we are excited about some of the clubs that will be available. Registration for season two and IISSAC basketball tryouts begins Tuesday, October 30. This coming Thursday morning our BAIS soccer players will leave for Bali to compete in the IISSAC Soccer Tournament. In Bali, BAIS will contend with five other schools, Friday through Sunday, and return to Bandung Sunday evening. When you see a BAIS soccer player, please encourage them and ask about their season. Our hope is that the students at BAIS not
only receive a quality education but also are provided a loving, supportive community where they can participate in a variety of new and exciting activities.

Thank you for being a part of our BAIS family and for all you do to contribute to its success.

In Christ,
Mr. Justin Powers

University News

On Monday, October 29 during 6th period (12:21-12:57), Becky Wilson, a representative from Ouchita Baptist University will give a presentation in the second floor computer lab (211) and will have a table set up in the lobby from 2:45-3:30. Ouchita (pronounced wash-i-tah) is a Christian university located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, United States, and offers generous scholarships to international students. Students may bring their lunch, and parents are also welcome to attend.

On Wednesday, October 31 during 6th period (12:21-12:57), a representative from UBC (University of British Columbia) will give a presentation in the second floor computer lab (211). The University of British Columbia, founded in 1908, is a global center for research, teaching, and learning, and is consistently ranked among the most prestigious international institutions, and one of the top 40 research universities, in the world. Students may bring their lunch, and parents are also welcome to attend.

Drama Practice

Wednesday Oct 24 in the MPR from 4:15 to 6:15 pm
Scenes 1-3 Choreography (please dress accordingly)
Performers: All Performers
Crew: Josiah and Angel

Battle of the Books

For Sale: Dried Mangoes and Pineapple starting next week!

The Battle of the Books team is selling dried fruit again this year! They are a great snack for yourself or as a gift for friends/family.As an added bonus, buying this fruit also supports the SunRei outreach in Malang!

Check out these delicious options!

  • 50gr bags of dried Sunburst mangoes (sweet/sour) for Rp. 20.000 per bag
  • 50gr bags of dried Tropical Paradise mangoes (honey mango) for Rp. 20.000 per bag
  • 100gr bags of dried pineapples for Rp. 25.000 per bag

Dried fruit will be sold next to Ibu Retno’s desk at break time by the BOB team. Want a LOT of fruit!? Of course you do, it’s delicious!

If you would like to make a bulk order, please email with the list of what you want and it will be prepared for you.

~ Ms. Ribbens & Mrs. Wongkar

Athletics & Club News


IISSAC is next week!

  • Boys Record: 5-3
  • Girls Record: 1-2-2
  • BAIS will play at BIS TODAY!
    Girls start at 4:00pm. Boys start at 5:00pm
    Please come out and support your Eagles!
  • IISSAC soccer teams leave for Bali Thursday morning at 10: 30am.
    Good luck, Eagles!

After School Clubs and Activities

  • Middle School Basketball did an impressive job at the parent/staff friendly game Monday!
    We played a hybrid of students vs. adults for the first two quarters then mixed the teams for the second half.
    Middle School Basketball includes the following students: 8th graders JiHun Shin, ChanYoung Kim, SeongHwa Park, and Emily Stanford; 7th graders HuiSo Woo, DaHae Kwon, JaeHa Jung, EunPyo (David) Park, Michael Hartono, and MinWoo Seo; 6th graders Luana Yo and JuEun Song.
    Thanks to the BAIS Adult team: Stan Lie, Mr. Thomas, Pak Iwan, Lin Lao shi, Miss Christensen, and Ibu Dias.
  • Student Stats: SeongHwa 14 points, 3 assists, 100% free throw; EunPyo (David) 14pts, 1 assist; Emily 10pts, 2 assists; JiHun 8pts, two assists; ChanYoung 4pts, 1 assist; HuiSo 2 assists.
    Adult Stats: Mr. Thomas 8 points; Stan Lie 6pts; Miss Christensen 6pts, 2 assists; Pak Iwan 4pts; Lin Lao shi 4pts.
  • Miss Christensen observed, “I thought they showed a very teachable spirit and I saw a lot of potential. I would be really happy to see a lot of those middle schoolers play varsity b-ball in the coming years.”
    Thanks to all the parents, students, and other community members that came out to cheer for our middle school team. Special thanks to 8th grader Sherlock Kun Jung for helping keep the scoreboard/clock and senior Jade Kim for taking pictures for Facebook.
  • Ibu Dias is coaching the middle school basketball team this year and she said, “The MS basketball team was very enthusiastic about playing in the staff basketball game last Monday. It was nice to see them playing with enthusiasm even though they were very nervous. They were intimidated since Mr. Thomas is very tall for them, and Ms. Christensen is able to run faster than many of them. But when they started to play, they really enjoyed and motivated themselves to be able to score and play together as a team.” She also added, “Thank you to the parents and staff for playing with the MS basketball team, and parents who have supported their children. We will try to play with other schools Monday and Tuesday.”
  • Battle of the Books: On Tuesday, Oct.30 from 3:40 – 5pm in the library the two BAIS teams will compete to determine what team will represent BAIS against Mountainview on Nov. 10. Audience members are very much welcomed to come and watch the competition!
  • Sea Tribes will have a “Fun Run” fundraiser November 24 here in Kota Baru. There will be a 10K, 5K, and 1,500m sprint competition.
    All proceeds go to raise money for the Sea Tribes trip in March.

Club Highlight of the Week: Science Club

  • Miss Dickman and Angel Gunaman in the 8th grade created the science club this year. The club meets every Wednesday, 2:50 – 3:30. When asked why Angel wanted to start the science club she said, “I created this club to spread my love of science to other people. Science has always been a growing field in the outside world, and I want other kids to experience it.”
    Her favorite experiment this year was “our elephant’s toothpaste project, since I was able to teach exothermic and endothermic reactions to the other middle school kids. I especially enjoyed the part where we blew stuff up!”
  • Members of the Science Club are 6th graders Luana Yo, Ludia Jeong, and Lulu Shi; 7th graders JaeHa Jung and MinWoo Seo; 8th grader Karen Sinaga.
  • Lulu says that she joined the science club because “I like science and because Angel said we were  exploding stuff.” She adds that “Angel does a good job because she is actually handling us well because we are quiet and respectful. Her favorite memory form the club was when MinWoo was chasing Angel for some of the candy used “to bribe us to pay attention.”
  • Mrs. Squiers also chaperones the club and she attests “Angel is an amazing person. She is really good with the kids. She is patient, kind, and leads by example.” She adds, “It’s been good to see the kids engaged and interacting while also watching all the experiments and content being taught.”
  • Thank you Angel for being proactive and sharing your passion with your peers. Also thanks to Miss D, Mrs. Squiers, and Ibu Hani for helping to make this club a reality.

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

SEW – Spiritual Emphasis Week

Our SEW Committee is looking for bottles and containers for a special craft we are going to be making. If you have any of the following items you can drop them by Mrs. Loewen’s desk (in the front office). Thank you!

  • Clear bottles 1 liter or bigger
  • Medium to large sized containers with a plastic lid (the 500ml yogurt containers from Beintema’s are perfect!)

Download the full issue as PDF: Issue 11: October 19, 2018

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