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From the Secondary Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

It seems like just yesterday when BAIS opened its doors to welcome in the 2017-2018 school year. Now we are already closing out the first quarter of school! It has been affirming to see students growing in myriad ways during these past nine weeks of school. Teachers have been creating lessons and learning experiences that challenge and engage students. When students, teachers, and parents are all partnering together, the community goes from be compartmentalized and isolated to becoming synced gears in a well-built machine. It has been exciting to watch it happen this school year!

As first quarter comes to a close, there are some reminders that need to be communicated. Secondary students will not be receiving a hard copy report card this quarter. With BAIS utilizing PowerSchool, the Learning Management System, students and parents can access their grades in real time, whenever they wish. Additionally, final grades will not be calculated until the end of first semester and will be weighted with the first semester at 80% and the semester exam at 20%. If a student has an overall average of 95% and a final exam grade of 90%, the student’s final grade for first semester would be 94% based on the following calculation. It looks complicated but is actually quite simple.

The final grade calculation will occur at the end of the semester in December. Hard copy report cards will be issued at the end of first semester one and at the end of second semester. Students will receive the reports in January and June.

There have been a few parent meetings recently where graduation planning, specifically related to math was brought up. This is a good opportunity to let you know the pathways to progress through the secondary Math curriculum. Registration for next year’s courses will begin in April and teacher recommendations are a key factor in joining an honors course.

BAIS Math Pathways

Students who love Math and are gifted in that area might take the following progression: Students who enjoy math or are somewhat gifted in that area might take the following progression: Students who do not necessarily enjoy Math or those not particularly gifted in that area might take the following progression:
6th Grade Math 6 Advanced Math 6 Advanced Math 6 Advanced
7th Grade Math 7 Advanced Math 7 Advanced Math 7 Advanced
8th Grade Algebra I Honors Algebra I Algebra I
9th Grade Geometry Geometry Geometry
10th Grade Trig Functions Algebra II Algebra II
11th Grade AP Calculus AB Pre-Calculus Trigonometry and Accounting
12th Grade AP Calculus BC or Statistics AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics Transition to College Math & Statistics
Photo by Jang Hun Heo

Courses being offered depend on the number of students registered, master schedule constraints, and classroom allocation.

It was my pleasure during a recent faculty meeting to present an award to a secondary faculty member. Mr. Julian received the Stanford University Teacher Tribute award. He was nominated by an alumnus, Mr. Ricky Toh, who graduated in 2017 and currently attends Stanford. Please congratulate Mr. Julian.

BAIS appreciates the effort that it takes for students living in Bandung to attend school at our campus in Kota Baru. We recognize that recent construction and demonstrations have increased traffic – making it challenging to arrive on time, especially on Monday mornings. Please consider departing your home 10-20 minutes early in order to ensure students arrive to their first class on time and ready to learn.

Thank you so much for partnering with BAIS!

Jeremy J. Thomas, M.Ed.


Ms. Kelly Wakefield
School Counselor


Congratulations to Jeremy Budijono, Melissa Budijono, Zefanya Amadeo Sinaga, and Josiah Kim for their achievement in AMC 2017 contest.

We are glad to announce the result of AMC (Australian Math Competition) 2017 Contest which was held on Thursday, July 27, 2017. More than 3,000 students were involved in the contest all around Indonesia. We have four students who represented BAIS in the contest: Jeremy Budijono (grade 4), Melissa Budijono (grade 7), Zefanya Amadeo Sinaga (grade 9), and Josiah Kim (grade 11) with the following result.

Name Result Details
Jeremy Budijono Distinction Top 15% achievement
Melissa Budijono Credit Top 50% achievement
Zefanya Amadeo Sinaga Proficiency Passing
Josiah Kim Distinction Top 15% achievement

Congratulations one more time! BAIS is proud of you! Solideo Gloria!

Ibu Rita Harsono
Math Teacher


Dear Parents,

We need your feedback. Last week, the staff presented our findings in regards to our accreditation to each other and we wanted to share those with you. If you could just take about 30 minutes to watch through the presentations and then give us feedback about the areas that we have identified as areas of needing improvement that would be great.

We would like to make sure that we are focusing on improving the school in the areas that you, as our constituents, feel are important. If you want more information about what accreditation is please keep reading below or you can just jump down to the link at the bottom of this article to access the video and survey.

Accreditation is the process of becoming officially recognized and approved of by an outside accrediting body. It also provides the opportunity for us as a school to assess and identify the areas where we are strong and the areas that we need to continue to improve in. This coming March (2018), the school will be visited by a team of


educators representing the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) for an accreditation visit. They will be taking a thorough look at the policies, practices, and future plans of BAIS to determine whether or not to re-accredit the school.


Starting last school year and over the past couple months, the faculty and staff have used rubrics provided by ACSI to assess the school’s strength’s and weaknesses. It was these findings that we presented last week.

Please use the following link to the Google Form in order to watch the presentations and then give us feedback about the areas you think are most important to focus on. https://goo.gl/forms/OmEOiccISNj6Q8sj2

Thank you for your support,
Mr. Travis Julian, Steering Committee Chair


A big THANK YOU to those who showed up on Sunday, October 8th for Clean Up Jabar Day! At sites all over Jawa Barat, people joined to pick up trash for two hours. Here in front of BAIS we began with a small group and ended with a larger group of people who joined the effort 🙂 See the before and after group photos!

Let’s all remember to dispose of garbage in the proper receptacles and do our best to keep Jabar green and clean!

We will see you next time for Clean Up Jabar Day!

Ms. Jana Dickman

PACE Leadership

The past two weeks have seen the volunteering of our Homeroom Parents and the election of our PACE Leadership Team. Our PACE Leadership Team for the 2017-2018 school year are:

BAIS Homeroom Parents 2017-2018

Thank you for being willing to serve the BAIS community in this role!!

Mr. Karl Nielsen
BAIS Director


Nevri Chandrani Nooringhati will finish her teaching time at BAIS at the end of first quarter. She has worked in the Indonesian language program for more than one year and appreciates the way she has been accepted into the BAIS community. She has enjoyed her time teaching both students and teachers at BAIS. Ibu Nevri’s first baby is due at the beginning of November. We pray for her and her husband as they experience the blessings and challenges of having a child. She will be replaced by Pak Carolus in the classes she currently teaches. Congratulations Ibu Nevri!

My name is Carolus Tulas Adi Nugroho. Usually people call me Carolus. I was born in Sukoharjo, Central Java on the 17th August 1994. I did my formal education in Solo from Kindergarten through High School, but then I went to Bandung to acquire my Bachelor’s degree. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Bandung College of Social Welfare in 2016.

DRAMA Practice

October 18, 2017 from 4pm to 6pm

ALL CAST MEMBERS must come to practice to be measured and fitted into costumes.

You may go home once your measurements are done, but everyone must come to practice!

Athletics & Club News


After School Activities

Elementary Clubs/Activities

Club Highlight of the Week: DIY Science Club

The DIY Science Club meets every Tuesday at 2:45pm-4pm.

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Mr. Justin Powers
Athletic Director

School Portrait Makeup Day

If you missed having your school ID photo taken during the Back to School Kickoff, no worries. School pictures will be taken next Monday and Tuesday, October 16th and 17th. Secondary, stop by the upstairs computer lab during break time or lunch time for your picture.

Download the full issue as PDF: Issue 10: 13 October, 2017 – English

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