Issue 10: October 12, 2018

From the Elementary Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

Today marks the official end to quarter 1. Students and teachers have been working hard these last 9 weeks and a lot of growth and learning has happened. As administration, we want to say thank you to all that parents that came to shadow yesterday in the secondary classrooms. We are always excited to share with you the great things that are happening on campus.

In the elementary we have had a variety of celebrations and presentations as classes are finishing up their units in the new English Language Arts modules. Early this week kindergarten spent time with the preschool class teaching them what they learned from their unit on toys. Today, the 1st grade class hosted their parents in a Magnificent Things presentation, and on Monday 4th and 5th grade will host
their first ever Poetry Slam. Once again I hope you are able to take this time to celebrate and the great things students are doing.

Finally, this afternoon the teachers will be working to update grades for quarter 1. Next Friday, Oct 19th report cards and honor roll certificates will go home in the elementary Friday folders. Secondary students and parents will able to view their students report card progress through the PowerSchool
portal. If you have any questions regarding grades, honor roll, or PowerSchool please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Thomas or myself.

Have a blessed weekend,
Ms. Charity Sianturi
Elementary Principal

Battle of the Books

For Sale: Dried Mangoes and Pineapple starting next week!

The Battle of the Books team is selling dried fruit again this year! They are a great snack for yourself or as a gift for friends/family.As an added bonus, buying this fruit also supports the SunRei outreach in Malang!

Check out these delicious options!

  • 50gr bags of dried Sunburst mangoes (sweet/sour) for Rp. 20.000 per bag
  • 50gr bags of dried Tropical Paradise mangoes (honey mango) for Rp. 20.000 per bag
  • 100gr bags of dried pineapples for Rp. 25.000 per bag

Dried fruit will be sold next to Ibu Retno’s desk at break time by the BOB team. Want a LOT of fruit!? Of course you do, it’s delicious!

If you would like to make a bulk order, please email with the list of what you want and it will be prepared for you.

~ Ms. Ribbens & Mrs. Wongkar

SEW – Spiritual Emphasis Week

Our SEW Committee is looking for bottles and containers for a special craft we are going to be making. If you have any of the following items you can drop them by Mrs. Loewen’s desk (in the front office). Thank you!

  • Clear bottles 1 liter or bigger
  • Medium to large sized containers with a plastic lid (the 500ml yogurt containers from Beintema’s are perfect!)

Drama Practice

Wednesday, Oct 17, 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm in the MPR
Scenes 1-3 Songs
All Performers
Crew: Kadin and JiHun

WWDWWD – Why We Do What We Do

Why does BAIS host and provide the PSAT?

BAIS is a test center for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT through CollegeBoard. Eleventh grade students completed the PSAT on Wednesday and they were required to attend. The school believes the PSAT is an important dress rehearsal for students taking the SAT in the future. US citizens who take the test are eligible for National Merit Scholarships and other awards. Just last week we were notified that Daniel Nix and Josiah Kim received letters of commendation for their performance on the exam. All students who take the test can link their results to Khan Academy and be provided an individualized learning plan to improve performance. Additionally, students in grades 8-10 can sign up to take the PSAT in February and March. Younger students receive results informing if the student is on track for university matriculation along with specific areas of celebration and growth. BAIS is proud and privileged to host these tests for our students!

BAIS vs. Indonesian International Schools & EARCOS

Excellence at BAIS!

The following data is based on second semester MAP scores from 2018. Please see Mr. Thomas if you have any questions. EARCOS stands for East-Asia Regional Council of Schools and includes Jakarta Intercultural School, Bandung Independent School, Seoul Foreign School, and Western Academy of Beijing.

BAIS scored higher than Indonesian international schools in 13 out of 13 grade levels averaging six points higher. BAIS scored higher than prestigious EARCOS schools in 10 out of 11 grade levels averaging five points higher.
BAIS scored higher than Indonesian international schools in 11 out of 13 grade levels averaging two points higher. On average, BAIS trailed prestigious EARCOS schools by a mere .6 of a point.
BAIS scored higher than Indonesian international schools in 12 out of 13 grade levels averaging six points higher. BAIS scored higher than prestigious EARCOS schools in 10 out of 13 grade levels averaging three points higher.

Bible and SS Committees need parent volunteers!!!

The Bible and Social Studies Committees are looking for parent volunteers to help with reviewing and improving these two programs at BAIS. The Bible committee will meet 3-4 times this year with the goal of finding the strengths and areas of needed improvement in Bible, Chapel, SEW, and WWW. The Social Studies Committee will meet once a month using last year’s data to make decisions on how to improve Social Studies for the coming school years. Please contact Mrs. Sianturi if you are interested in volunteering for one of these committees.

Athletics & Club News


  • IISSAC is just two weeks away!!!
  • Boys Record: 5-3 BAIS beat BIS 7-3 (Oct. 5). Paul had three goals; Ollie scored two goals; Reno scored once and had two assists; Rio had one goal and one assist; Kai and Ezra each had one assist. Ezra had eight saves. BAIS fell to Alexis 3-4 (Oct. 9). Ollie scored two goals and Rio scored the third. Reno and Paul each had one assist. Ezra had six saves. Sandor, a midfielder in the 9th grade, says, “The season so far has been good but there is still a while to go. But we better win IISSAC.”
  • Girls Record: 1-2-2 The girls tied BIS 1-1 (Oct. 5); Offensive goal on opponent error. SungHa had four saves. BAIS fell to Alexis 0-3 (Oct. 9). SungHa had eight saves. Junior SungHa says, “This is my first time doing soccer and playing goalie. I can see that our team is improving step-by-step. I am looking forward to IISSAC.”
  • BAIS will play at BIS Friday, Oct. 19! Girls start at 4:00pm. Boys start at 5:00pm
  • Please come out and support your eagles!
  •  All soccer dues need to be paid to Mr. Powers.

After School Clubs and Activities

  • Upcoming Swim Meet Opportunities:
  • Sea Tribes will have a “Fun Run” fundraiser November 24 here in Kota Baru. There will be a 10K, 5K, and 1,500m sprint competition.
    All proceeds go to raise money for the Sea Tribes trip in March.
  • Middle School Basketball Friendly Game against Staff and Parents will be Monday, October 15 at 4:15! Parents and other Community members are welcome to come out and play against our middle school team.
  • Battle of the Books competed against the BAIS teachers and parents team last Tuesday, Oct. 9.
    Thank you parents and teachers for coming and challenging our BoBers before their competition November 10!

Club Highlight of the Week: Cooking Club

  • Miss Dickman, the Secondary Science teacher, and Miss Hays (Pre-K) sponsored a cooking club this season. The club meets every Thursday from 3:40 to 4:40.
  • Members of the Cooking Club are 6th graders Petra Thomas, Ji Seop Yoon, and Ludia Jeong; 5th graders Kezia Chandra, Jaewon Jung, RyAnne Davis, Mi So Woo, and Nathan Darmamulia; 4th graders Chae Eun, Hananiah Ramapa, and Eliza Stanford.
  • Mi So says her favorite thing she has cooked has been pizza “because it was good and it was my first time using an oven.” When asked what she has learned in Cooking Club she said, “I’ve learned how to make muffins and how to use a knife.”
  • Nathan also said he liked cooking pizza the most because “in the end, I got to bring it home.” He also says that he likes the club because it is fun.
  • Mrs. Jung, mother of 5th grader JaeWon, said JaeWon wanted to join the club because he likes to cook and now that he has joined the club he is more willing to help her when she cooks at home. Parents are excited that the kids get to bring their creations home. Mrs. Jung said she has been able to try four different things and that she really liked the nugelach JaeWon made.
  • Miss Hays say that she hopes “cooking club encourages the students to be adventurous with trying to cook new things.” She also said that “a funny memory from the club was when we were making cookies and some teams needed help rescuing their dough and another team’s cookies turned into a chocolate pizza instead of rolled cookies. Everyone still had fun and the cookies still tasted good!”
  • Thank you Miss D and Miss Hays for sponsoring the Cooking Club and investing into the lives of BAIS students outside the classroom.

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Mr. Justin Powers
Activity/Athletic Director

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