Issue 06: September 24, 2021

Note from the Director

Important questions demand important answers. I’ve asked our teachers and aides a few important questions and here are just a few of their responses…enjoy! – Mr. Cantrall

What did you HEAR in our halls/classrooms this week?

  • “happy feet” walking through the hallways–
  • chatter, laughter, learning, feet walking, music (PE -hehehe)
  • laughter, giggles, learning, singing
  • laughter, warm greetings, and our kids’ beautiful singing voices in the classroom • talking, laughing, joking, discussing
  • Lots of excitement from the students to be back in school. They missed talking to their friends.
  • students replying to questions and students talking with each other!
  • Giggles to my dumb jokes 🙂
  • questions which students feel more comfortable asking in person
  • Mr. Whitehurst teaching Bible. He has so much truth and wisdom to share with the BAIS students. It is a great blessing to BAIS that he gets to do this on a daily basis.
  • Loved hearing the kindergartners next door to my office!
  • singing
  • teachers projecting their voices (rather than just having to talk to a screen!)
  • My daughter saying to me: “Mommy, I like to go to school!”
  • laughter and the joy of learning and being together

What did you SEE this week?

  • many eager kiddos ready to learn in person with each other
  • Students with masks on, socially distancing, talking with teachers and peers, laughing and chatting!
  • extraordinary people with their own smiles, energies, and passions
  • Students happy to see each other, teachers happy to see students, and excitement all around!
  • smiling faces with maskers
  • students giving each other ideas as they work on projects
  • I love being able to sit with a senior as they work on their university application.
  • FRIENDS! It’s so great to see students enjoying each other and their teachers.
  • Students lining up beautifully!
  • kids dancing
  • happy children and happy teachers

How did you FEEL having students back?

  • It felt wonderful!
  • GOOD!!! Blessed 🙂
  • It feels great having the students back on campus even though some of them are still doing it online. I hope everyone will be able to join us and have fun together on campus very soon.
  • It feels like we are finally on the road back to some semblance of normalcy. I am so thankful to have students back so I can help them to the best of my abilities.
  • Great, feels like normal school life with the students back on campus. It is so good to interact with students and to have a positive rapport with them.
  • So so so grateful to have them back!
  • I LOVE IT!!! PEOPLE! Smile! (with their eyes 🙂
  • On Tuesday, (student) said, “Hi Ms. HALL!” twice! It made my heart melt because I didn’t know that he knew my name, especially since I haven’t seen him in over a year!
  • It’s an amazing blessing to have the students back in classes. Being in-person will definitely help (my) students prepare and be more successful on the AP exam.
  • Our BAIS students are the best! Our lives are more fun with them around (in person).
  • Thrilling; this is what school is SUPPOSED to be like!
  • It felt like relief.

Mr. Neil Cantrall
BAIS Director

Health Buzz

Dear all,

With the current status of the Covid 19 in Indonesia, we all want BAIS to be a safe and healthy environment, so just a reminder for all of us, in the BAIS reopening plan it is written:

If my child seems COVID-19 symptomatic, when can they come to school?

  1. We ask that students not attend classes on campus if their parents or a doctor deem them to be covid-19 symptomatic (see above).
  2. Students are advised to remain at home and monitor symptoms.
  3. If you are unsure if your child’s symptoms are related to covid-19, we ask that you consult our school doctor or another trusted health professional for guidance before sending them to campus.
  4. In order for students who have been deemed symptomatic to return to campus, they must be symptom-free (without medication) for at least 24 hours, and present a negative RT-Antigen test result.
  5. If you believe a test is not necessary or symptoms are persistent (and the student already has a negative test result), please consult our school doctor (or other health professional) and present documentation showing their approval for non-testing or medical clearance to come to campus.

Together we keep BAIS safe and healthy!

dr. Mayke Rosalina Rompas,
School doctor

Build To Give

Hi Upper and Lower Elementary Students! The Build to Give club is having a September Fun event!

The event will be held after school on September 27, from 3:10-3:45, using Google Meet. Hangout with us and your friends while doing fun activities. Sign up using this form: September Fun Event. Use your name when joining the call. It is going to be a fun time of games for lower and upper elementary students. Hope to see you there!

Online Essay Competition

Immerse Education Essay Competition: Win a full scholarship to the Immerse Summer School in Oxford, Cambridge, London or Online!

The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students the opportunity to win a 100% scholarship for one of Immerse Education’s award-winning residential or online academic programmes. In the last round of the Essay competition, there were 10 full scholarship winners and 300 shortlisted partial scholarship winners selected from over 4000 entries.

Students aged 13-18 are required to submit essay responses to a pre-set question relating to their chosen subject and age group. From Medicine, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Creative Writing, English Literature, and many more subjects, there is a category for every area of interest. The competition is a great way to practice your academic writing skills and previous scholarship winners have referenced their success in the Essay Competition on their university application to the world’s top universities. For further guidance and to enter, visit
(Deadline for entry: 5th January 2022)

Elizabeth Cooper | Programme Services

Immerse Education

BPK Penabur Online Debate Competition

BPK Penabur invites us to join in their event
Phyxius English Debating Championship (PEDC 2021)

October 29th 2021 – Oct 31st 2021
Fee: Rp.325.000 (per team of 3)


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