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BAIS Facilities Manager’s Note

Are WE ready? Fun Facts!

Our facilities

Do you know how many washing stations that our school has?

We have 9 washing stations outside the building and 28 washing stations in the building – not including 1 washing station in each elementary classroom. In total we have 47 washing stations on our campus. All of these are not included in all the washing stations in the locker area at the pool!

How about hand sanitizer stations? We have 3 on the first-floor hallway, 2 on the second floor hallway and one for each room and office. In total we have 41 bottles of hand sanitizer located in all rooms and hallways.

Our staff

Do you know how many staff have been vaccinated for Covid 19? All of our staff have been vaccinated locally here and in the United States, so we are 100% vaccinated.

New health apps for BAIS Staff

Did you know that BAIS has started enforcing all staff to check in to an app named “BAIS Health” before starting work each day? This will help our school’s doctor to monitor any Covid 19 symptoms in our school.

Our area

Do you know our local area Kecamatan Padalarang/Kotabaru Parahyangan has been in Level 3 for about 2 weeks now? The mortality rate for Indonesia was at 3.5% by Sept 13. That’s a good sign. We pray it will continue to go down.

How to anticipate?

In case of any indication of Covid 19 spreading at BAIS, we have some steps and guidance that we follow through and it is linked to our homepage. Please do view the Phase 2 schedules in our reopening plan (available in English and Bahasa Indonesia).

In the end, all efforts and plans will need to be placed in God’s hand, Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty (Zechariah 4:6). We are thankful that our school will open soon and pray that God will protect us from any sickness that may harm our students, staff, and teachers.

In His guidance, WE are ready! Are YOU ready?

Ayo BAIS kita bisa!

Chevy Hallatu
HR & facilities Manager

Build to Give Announcement

Hi Upper and Lower Elementary Students! The Build to Give club is having a September Fun event!

The event will be held after school on September 27, from 3:10-3:45, using Google Meet. Hangout with us and your friends while doing fun activities.

Sign up using this form: September Fun Event.

Use your name when joining the call. It is going to be a fun time of games for lower and upper elementary students.

Hope to see you there!

Going to be absent?

If a student is going to be absent, please notify us at office@baisedu.org. For secondary students, please also have them contact their teachers and arrange for recordings of meets or make-up work instructions.

Battle of the Books

Secondary students are invited to start reading for Battle of the Books! 

More info coming soon. 

  1. Rose, Darlene Diebler. Evidence Not Seen
  2. Adams, Richard. Watership Down
  3. First Samuel from the Bible
  4. Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein
  5. Warren, Andrea. Escape from Saigon
  6. Voigt, Cynthia. Dicey’s Song
  7. L’Engle, Madeline. A Wrinkle in Time
  8. Lewis, C. S. The Silver Chair
  9. Sachar, Holes10.   Klavan, If We Survive

Questions? Contact Ms.Ribbens at clarissaribbens@baisedu.org

School Counselor

It’s happening… we are soon returning to on-campus learning! Some may call it offline school, some may call it on-campus learning, but one thing is certain, it still is not back to “normal.” Nevertheless, we are thrilled with the soon to be face-to-face (or rather mask-to-mask) laughter, deep conversations, learning, and community that will be taking place in the coming weeks and months. We know, however, that despite the excitement, there may also be some anxiety and turmoil in many of the students (and parents!) minds and hearts. Take a look at these simple tips for reducing anxiety with the return to offline school.

Ms. Hayley Martin
School Counselor

High School Families

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to pass on some information and possible opportunities for your children as they prepare for SAT/ACT testing and their future beyond.

Our BAIS Guidance Counselor also wants to make sure that you are aware of a great way to hear from universities about their campuses, about their admissions process, and about what makes their school a good option (or maybe not a good option) for you.

Check out this google doc with 8 pages of upcoming virtual events from Australia to Europe to North America. There are art schools, public universities, private universities, Christian schools, secular schools, Ivy League schools…. the list goes on! More or less, there is something for everyone!!

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Julian

Student Council

What is Student Council?

Mission Statement

The BAIS Student Council strives to faithfully serve and represent the student body with excellence and to uphold Christian principles, being examples both in and out of school.

The Purpose of Student Council

The BAIS Student Council will abide by the rules of Bandung Alliance Intercultural School. In addition, the Council will seek to:


Provide opportunities to express school spirit and unite the student body.


Help create a familial environment in which the students can feel comfortable to interact with everyone.


Mobilize students to participate in acts of service for the school and local community.


Support BAIS ESOs and academic pursuits, as well as liaise between the student body and the BAIS staff in order to express student ideas and concerns.

What is the House Tournament?

Every student and teacher is placed in a house {Earth, Water, Fire, or Wind}. Students can earn points for their house during any StuCo sponsored events. These include events that the entire school can participate in (like Spirit Weeks) as well as grade level specific events. All events will be advertised in the BAIS Buzz, each Google House Chat, on the StuCo Instagram feed, and on the StuCo app. You will find links to each of these in the StuCo Schoology group.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Ms. Christensen, Sherin Chong, or Junha Kang.

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