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What is DAC?

One of our core values is collaboration which means that we are committed to working as a community to creatively serve one another and solve problems. This is exactly the purpose of the DAC. DAC is the Director’s Advisory Counsel and it is made up of four to six parents who represent the interests and voices of our community. Each member serves for a maximum of three years and they provide the director with advice and feedback on issues ranging from marketing to facility projects to education. They help the director to better understand and navigate the different cultures represented at the school. They are also representatives of the school in the community. Over the years, the DAC has been crucial to the success of BAIS and represents the partnership between school and families that we strive to cultivate. This year, it is my pleasure to share with you the four members who will be making up this year’s DAC:

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MAP Testing Schedule

GradeMathLanguage UsageReading
Kindergarten9/19/22 @ 7:45AMN/A9/21/22 @ 7:45AM
Grade 19/20/22 @ 7:45AMN/A9/22/22 @ 7:45AM
Grade 29/19/22 @ 7:45AM9/20/22 @ 7:45AM9/21/22 @ 7:45AM
Grade 3-5The classroom teacher will test throughout the week of September 19-22.
Grade 6-12Tuesday,
September 13
8:30 AM to 10:05AM
September 13
1:20PM to 3:00PM
September 15
8:30 AM to 10:05AM

Drama Information

Wednesday, September 7

Act 1 Scene 4

  • Party-goers
  • Ned
  • Meg
  • John
  • Sallie
  • Annie
  • Belle
  • Jo
  • Laurie

Wednesday, September 14

Headshot Day
Everyone — all performers including the elementary cast, as well as all crew members — needs to come to practice at 4 PM. Please wear an all-black tee-shirt without writing on it. Please comb your hair. You will be able to go home after you take your headshot unless you are rehearsing.

Act 1 Scene 5

  • Jo
  • Meg
  • Amy
  • Beth
  • Laurie

From the Guidance Counselor

Build to Give

Our Build to Give club is hosting an Elementary in-person event on September 16th, 2022 (half-day).

Check out the poster for more information and fill out the permission slips that will be handed out in the Friday Folder.

Thank you!

Technology Update

BAIS Times YouTube Channel

The BAIS Times has started a YouTube channel!

Check out the link for upcoming videos. Dont forget to like and subscribe.

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