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From the Government Liaison

Dear BAIS Community,

First, let me say thank you to all the parents and staff. Thank you so much for working hard together to cope with the many obstacles to adjust the sail of our education from normal wind to this Covid-19 storm. Thank you for your patience and perseverance! You make BAIS fun and alive.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Hendri Simanjuntak, and I am the Government Liaison at BAIS. I have been working with this awesome school since 1997, just immediately after I graduated from college. I started as the Pre/K5 teacher aide and I then taught Bahasa Indonesia. The following year, I taught computers for lower elementary and assisted the yearbook class in the secondary. These two classes were particularly interesting for me. Later, a new
responsibility was offered to me as the Office Manager. This job allowed me to manage the office operations, Indonesian staff, sports director, and school purchasing. Finally, BAIS appointed me to liaise between our school and the local government to oversee permit and legal management.

I was born and raised in Sumatra, Riau province. Sumatra consists of many ethnicities, tribes, and cultures. Working at BAIS and seeing the diversity of our students, parents, and the fabulous international community, brings back the good old memories of my hometown.

Covid-19 has challenged us all, causing fear and frustration, and is an unpredictable situation. Lockdown and social distancing have overwhelmed many. May all of us encourage one another to do the health protocols, keep good communication, eat nutritious food, do sports in a safe area, pray, and spend quiet time with your family.

I would like to take the opportunity to remind you to keep checking for the latest Health Alerts and the most up to date information your consulate/embassy is issuing regarding Covid-19 regulations. If you are planning to extend a one-year KITAS make sure your passports are valid for at least 18 months and there are plenty of blank pages still available in your passports. If you do not have the extra pages or your passport has less than 18 months remaining, please visit your embassy/consulate as soon as possible to apply for renewal.

Personally, I am excited to see God faithfully leading our school, community, and families during this capricious time and challenging situation. He is the source of our wisdom, strength, and hope. Let us continue to partake in God’s plan, glorifying His name here at His precious school.

Hendri Simanjuntak
BAIS Government Liaison

From the Elementary Principal

Congratulations to our awesome elementary students for completing the first round of MAP testing! We are very proud of how hard everyone worked to make this a successful week.

Due to current circumstances and constraints, our elementary teachers have needed to restructure their assessment schedules. For this reason, some standards may appear blank at the moment, and at the end of Q1. Please note that all standards which can be properly assessed at a distance will be reported for Q2/S1.

You should have received a brief survey from Mr. Thomas regarding online learning. Please complete one for each of your elementary children at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Mr. Neil Cantrall
Elementary Principal

Fine Arts Department

Drama Practice

Wednesday, September 23
Scene 4 & 5: pgs. 55-75
Song: “Chu-chi Face” & “Hushabye Mountain”

@ Mrs. Loewen’s Home (Jl. Naga Digdaya No 23) @ 4:30 — Ollie, Kezia, & Eliza; @ 5:00 — The Altos

@ Jinny Park’s Home (Jl. Nagakencana Wetan No 8) @ 4:30 — Mia, Simeon, Mael, and Josh; @5 — Ollie, Kezia, & Eliza

@ Home @ 4:30 — 10/15 minutes working on vocal practices; 15/20 minutes working on songs; record your final run-through of “The Opening” and “Chu-Chi Face” and send it to Mrs. Loewen.

@ Home Practice: Please focus on “The Opening” and “Chu-Chi Face.” All secondary ensemble members should learn and practice the “Soldiers” part in “Chu-Chi Face” (starting on pg. 27). Check the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang folder for how to practice and learn your part in “Chu-Chi Face.”

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