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From the Director’s Desk

Dear BAIS Community,

BAIS has the privilege of being part of NICS – the Network of International Christian Schools. The Network provides support in several different areas of school culture and development which help to strengthen our curriculum, programs and staff. This month, BAIS will benefit from the Network in three different areas: member care, academic and accreditation support, and professional development for our administrative team.

Pete Simano, the former director at BAIS, will join us on campus from September 13th-16th. He currently serves in the home office of NICS as the Vice President for Leadership Development. He will be working with our administrative team, walking with us through some specific leadership modules, and encouraging our team. He will also be sure to enjoy some local Indonesian cuisine, a massage, and reconnecting with old friends.

During the week of September 14th-19th, Lydia Zyudimia, Director of Academic Development for NICS will be on campus. She will be meeting with our steering committee for the upcoming accreditation visit that will happen during the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year. She will consult with the team here, providing input, support and direction as we ensure that our academic curriculum is thorough, rigorous, achievable, and in alignment with university preparation.

Finally, we will host Missy Parks, the member care coordinator for all of NICS, from September 28th through October 2nd. She will be coming to help train our local member care team, Melissa Hall and Hani Irmawati. This training is important as the majority of our teachers come foreign countries and benefit from an able member care team helping them adjust to life in a different country and culture. This training and the work of our member care team is crucial to teacher retainment.

Additionally, there will be directors from other schools visiting from September 16th-19th simply because they have heard of the great things going on at BAIS, and they desire to see and experience our campus and community!

So if you see any of the guests on campus during this month, please greet them warmly and thank them for investing in our BAIS community.

In Him,
Karl Nielsen

The Sound of Music Announcement

Auditions for The Sound of Music will be on Wednesday, Sept 7, from 4:30-6:30 P.M. in the MPR. Please meet in the music room by 4:20 so that we can get started with the auditions at 4:30 immediately.

Thank you,
Ms. LaMertha


Brazilian Soccer

Soccer for grades 1-5 begins Wednesday, September 5th. Please enroll by Tuesday with Ibu Sri in the main office. Fee is 500,000 for 10 weeks (10 lessons).

Sea Tribe

Sea Tribe Applications are due Monday to Ms. Carpenter. The trip is available to 9th-12th grade and will take place March 11-21, 2017. Students must have 2 adults, non-relative references. The cost is 11 juta.

Fundraising opportunities are available.

Ms. Carpenter
Sea Tribe Coordinator

Download: Issue 03: September 2, 2016

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