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From the Secondary Principal’s Desk

Dear BAIS Community,

In July I was eager to get the 17-18 school year started.  As the secondary principal, I am very proud of the new cohort of teachers whom God has called to join our excellent community.  I hope you will take some time to get to know them this year.  They are a very talented group!

The chaplain this year, Mr. Whitehurst, will be leading the students through the theme of “Hidden in the Vine” stemming from John 15:5 and Colossians 3:1-4.  We are all very excited to see how God works in the lives of our students this year.

One key new initiative being implemented this year is the transition to a new school information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS) called PowerSchool.  We hope you’ve already been able to explore many features of these systems.  If you recall last year, BAIS used TeacherEase and Renweb for grading and communication.  This proved to be a bit cumbersome navigating between systems, especially for parents with students in both divisions.  It was challenging to efficiently access school information.  Now, it’s all in PowerSchool!

Parents were given usernames and passwords at the Back-to-School Kick-off.  This paperwork also had student login information.  When parents log in, they are able to view what is called the Parent Portal.  It looks like this:

You can see all your students listed at the top of the page and it is easy to navigate between them.  Down the left side there is easy access to grades, attendance, and other information.  “Email Notification” is a powerful tool where PowerSchool will send automatic updates to your inbox.  The “School Bulletin” is a great place to check for general school-related announcements.

This week, the bulletin looks like this:

The final aspect of PowerSchool I would like to share is PowerSchool Learning – where students will spend most of their time.  In PowerSchool Learning they can quickly access class pages, a calendar with all their assignment information, announcements, and grade information.  I am excited to see how our teachers create a blended learning environment (combined delivery of online digital media with traditional teaching methods) through this system.  I am also eager to see student success increase by having all class information in one location rather than navigating between Google Classroom to Moodle to emails and trying to stay organized.  This will improve student learning!  Here is what PowerSchool Learning looks like:

This school year, BAIS has expanded its Advanced Placement course offerings.  We now offer 10 AP courses as part of the available curriculum.

AP Literature and Composition AP Calculus BC*
AP Language and Composition AP Statistics*
AP Biology AP World History
AP Chemistry AP US History
AP Calculus AB AP Mandarin

*Offered with a BAIS supervisor through NorthStar Academy.

BAIS has recently concluded its Math Curriculum Review.  Through this process the school was able to identify strengths and areas of growth within the Math curriculum.  One of the outcomes is a revised course pathway to increase student success and student choices – partially determined by aptitude and achievement in the previous year’s Math course.  The following is a list of the Math courses BAIS offers:

Math 6 Advanced Pre-Calculus
Math 7 Advanced Trigonometry (semester course)
Algebra I Accounting (semester course)
Algebra I Honors Transition to College Math & Statistics
Geometry AP Calculus AB
Algebra II AP Calculus BC
Trig Functions AP Statistics


Students who love Math and are gifted in that area might take the following progression: Students who do not necessarily enjoy Math or those not particularly gifted in that area might take the following progression:
Math 6 Advanced Math 6 Advanced
Math 7 Advanced Math 7 Advanced
Algebra I Honors Algebra I
9th Grade – Geometry 9th Grade – Geometry
10th Grade – Trig Functions 10th Grade – Algebra II
11th Grade – AP Calculus AB 11th Grade – Trigonometry and Accounting
12th Grade – AP Calculus BC or Statistics 12th Grade – Transition to College Math & Statistics

As an additional Math resource for students, the Math department will be having open office hours during Extended Day in room 203.  During this time students are welcome to come for general or specific Math help or even some help with homework.  Teachers might communicate to parents if these sessions are recommended for your student.  If you have questions about this, please email Ms. Harsono, ritaharsono@baisedu.org.

Season 1 Co-curricular Activities begin on Monday, August 21st.  The secondary school is excited about all the activities offered but would like to highlight new activities; Volleyball, Badminton, Ms. D’s Science Party, Rio and Reno’s Guide to Filmmaking, and Secondary Math Club.

Lastly, please do not hesitate to contact the secondary office if you have any questions.  The secondary teachers have worked hard over the summer to prepare curriculum and to create lessons that will engage all students.  I am proud of them for their work and look forward to seeing how students are pushed to reach their potential this year.  It’s going to be a great year!

Mr. Jeremy Thomas
Secondary Principal

Drama Rehearsal Announcement

If you were unable to come to the informational meeting on Wednesday, Aug 18 and did not get an audition packet, please see Ms. LaMertha before school or after school to get one. My classroom is on the second floor, room 210. You may also email me at elizabethlamertha@baisedu.org, and I will send you the audition packet.

Download this issue as PDF: Issue 02: 18 August, 2017 – English

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