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I think art is important during quarantine because it is a creative outlet that exercises the brain in different and healthy ways. I explored a lot of new media during my own quarantine experience, and I feel like I have really grown as an artist during the last few months. It is important to ask your brain to think creatively about how to solve problems, and experimenting and exploring in art is a great way to do that. Here is a link to my website with my own artwork if anyone is interested… https://www.bethanyjoydesigns.com/bethany-christensen-galleryMs. Christensen

In long annoying COVID isolation period, after all day sitting in front of screen hurts my back, neck and eyes. I do art as break, to refresh my brain, Let formatted and fixed thinking become abstract and subjective creative thinking. and that’s good 🙂 –Herschel

Art helped me know that we all have a hidden talent somewhere and that we are all capable of doing anything, even during Covid-19. –Luana

Music helps me relax while I have to face the Covid situation. I can play an instrument and sing to avoid the anxiety – Ibu Rina

Music has helped me to relax and take a break from the craziness that comes with the pandemic. –Pak John

Music has been a part of my life since the beginning. When my Mom was pregnant with me, she played classical music often. I got used to listening to music from the womb. I am very familiar with and fond of music. Then, I learned to sing and I tried to play some musical instruments of which the piano is my priority. During Covid-19, I have even more time to sing and play piano. I dedicate a part of my life to playing the piano and singing. Covid-19 made it possible to have more time to enjoy music by singing and playing the piano. It motivates me to be better in other things relevant to my education (school). Music is my motivation. With music, I have a joyful life. -Kezia*
*Here’s a link to the piece she recently played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGd8tf67g7c

During quarantine and online schooling, some days could be busy and boring at the same time. Music to me is one of the most important things to me at this time because it has given me a relaxed and peaceful mind in times of stress, as well as a source of entertainment in times of boredom. Music has also reminded me to be grateful every day that I have the musical talent to glorify God with. –Andrew

According to most health experts, doctors, and scientists, exercise or being physically active can boost brain power, improve performance and concentration, increase energy and improve sleep, relieve stress and reduce depression and anxiety, strengthens the heart and the immune system helping to ward off diseases and illnesses, and it can also help build relationships. Everyone, including children, teens, and adults, can benefit from exercising whether it is high in intensity like running a half marathon or low intensity such as walking. Any form of exercise is beneficial to our bodies.  God has given all of us the responsibility to take care of our mind, our body, our soul, and our spirit. Our bodies are His Temple, and we need our bodies to stay healthy and fit, in order to remain here on earth, learn, and grow. Stay safe and stay active! –Ms. Fulwood

Helping my boys with online school and going to work has put a lot of stress on my body and mind. Running, walking, swimming, and other forms of exercise has given me a lot of stress relieve. My favorite form of exercise is running and doing it three times a week has boosted my mood greatly. Just being able to go outside to breath the fresh air for 30 minutes lessens the anxiety and the stress that being indoors all day has placed on my body and mind. –Hani

Exercise for me can take a million different forms – soccer at Inspire Academy with Ollie, early-morning workouts, swimming, doing manual labor, biking, basketball, and God forbid, running.  If I am not doing school stuff or reading a good book, chances are I’m exercising.  For me personally, leading a life filled with all sorts of athletic activity is very fulfilling, and cures any worries I have about school or other parts of my life.  Losing myself in the game of basketball or soccer is one thing that I can always look forward to, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do so in these abnormal times. -Ezra

*All pictures are pre-COVID-19

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