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Today is December 1st, and it marks the beginning of the Christmas season. A season where we celebrate God’s gift of his Son to us. When we think of the immense gift of God sending his son, it should move us to give also. Give to those in need, to those we love, and to those around us. Here are some ideas of how you can give back this Christmas season, and one special way BAIS students are continuing a tradition of giving at Christmas time!

  1. Write letters to medical workers to thank them for their work during COVID-19.
  2. Make and deliver cookies or treats to a neighbor.
  3. Play this game.
  4. Record a video for family far away.
  5. Go through your toys and clothes to give some away.

And our favorite BAIS way to give back during the holiday season: Angel Tree!

“The Build to Give club, a student driven club, is helping organize the Angel Tree for Permata Bali Children’s Home! BAIS has a longstanding relationship with this ministry– for many years Mr. and Mrs. Paese facilitated our gift-giving and even though they’ve left BAIS, we have continued to share our blessings with the children, youth, and workers at the Bali Permata Children’s Home every year at Christmas.

This year, our club Build To Give will take care of this event. There are 27 children/youth and 13 staff/workers for whom we’d like to buy Christmas presents! We also have 14 children (5 girls, 9 boys) in Kindergarten, the TK Pelita Hati, in which we would like to provide goody bags for.

If you would like to help, fill out this form. Once you have filled out the form, Build to Give will contact you with more details. If you have any questions, please contact the @buildtogive Instagram account or email: buildtogiveclub@gmail.com.”

Let’s bring some smiles to lots of faces this Christmas season!

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