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On Thursday 24th September, 6th Grade students were invited to come on campus from 9am until 12:40pm for a special learning opportunity. The 6th Grade teachers provided socially distanced in-person training on such matters as: 

  • How to better navigate PowerSchool  (a web- based application that allows parents and students to log into a secure account from home, school or work; access real-time assignments, grades and attendance; email teachers; and more)
  • How to more effectively follow their daily schedules, changing between teachers and classes as they would if they were on campus 
  • How to participate in a 6th Grade Homeroom class meeting 
  • How to set up an ESO Portfolio on Google Sites.

Students stayed in one classroom whilst the teachers visited them according to the 6th Grade schedule. This allowed them to utilize Powerschool as guided by the teachers, accessing and submitting their daily tasks and assignments for those classes on that day, as they are expected to do online at home. All involved wore a mask at all times, and frequently washed or sanitised their hands whilst observing social distancing rules. Students also got to experience their first Homeroom class meeting where they heard from a Student Council Representative about this year’s Student Council games and competitions that will be held online.

Then with the guidance of Ms. LaMartha (6th Grade English Language Arts teacher and Co-Sponsor) they started to set-up their ESO (Expected Student Outcomes) Portfolio on Google Sites. They will add to this throughout their time in Secondary School showcasing their hard work and accomplishments in the key areas of Biblical understanding, Active living, Innovative and Informed thinking and Social awareness and service.

Additionally students were given top tips on study habits for learning online at home.  After this important event students returned home for a well-earned lunch and to study for their 8th & 9th period classes.

6th Graders commented that during this special event: 

“I learnt how to use the class homepage and virtual classroom on Powerschool better” S.K

“I was so happy to hear that I should spend no more than 20 minutes on each piece of homework and then stop!” C.L

“I now know how to find my daily work more easily and how to submit it properly on Powerschool” S.S

“The teachers said don’t be stressed if you can’t do all the work, ask for help. That made me feel good!” A.J

To further aid the 6th Graders in following their schedules and staying up-to-date with school work Ms. Christensen (6th Grade Art and Computer teacher) has since created a digital day planner app which she will give students access to upon request.

We, the teachers, were very grateful for this opportunity to provide further guidance and training for our 6th Graders. We are extremely proud of them as they transition into Secondary school during the challenges of the current pandemic situation.

– Mrs. Kate Gasson (ELD Coordinator)

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