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If you came to campus on Friday afternoon and Saturday, you did not see teachers working in their classrooms; you saw them playing games, eating, and creating funny skits as part of all the fun of the Staff Retreat. The Staff Retreat is a two day event for staff and their families, but it is much more than just an event. It’s a fun way for the staff to get to know each other more and come together as a team.

This year Mrs. Davis and her team put together a fun retreat called: Kickin’ It Old School. The staff were put on teams to do various activities. They created skits based on certain props and words, learned a new game called Gaga Ball, and did a Retro Relay that included smashing eggs and pouring water on each other. There was also some volleyball and American football games going on.

It wasn’t just all fun though. Mr. Gunthorpe, a BAIS parent, came and encouraged the staff. He reminded them about the important job that they are doing in his boys’ lives. He also shared a little about what they do in Indonesia to encourage everyone in their teaching because without BAIS, they would not be able to do their work here.  It is such an encouragement for the staff to hear from parents and why what BAIS is doing is important.

Staff Retreat is something that the school has been doing for a little while, and it is a unique event that helps make the #baiscommunity, such a good community. The BAIS staff are more than fellow workers; they are friends who enjoy being with each other. This retreat provides a way to remind the staff of both of those things, plus it’s a lot of fun!

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