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One aspect of our expected student outcomes at BAIS is active learning, and we believe that field trips and service projects are a unique way to achieve active learning. We have it built into our curriculum and encourage teachers to take field trips to enhance learning. We want our students to have opportunities to learn outside of the four walls of school, plus have fun! 

This past week our kindergarten finished their unit on community helpers. They headed to Kidzoona where there is a whole town set up. Students got to pretend to be doctors, shop keepers, policemen, and firefighters. It gave them a chance to “be” the very people they were learning about and put into practice what they have been learning about being a part of a community. 

Our 6th graders went to Gedung Sate and the Geology Museum for Social Studies and Science class. They used the field trip to learn about the people, history, and architecture from Bandung’s past. Our 6th graders learned about the 7 students who died defending Gedung Sate, the building, and design of the building, and how coffee became a cash crop for Indonesian. In the Geology Museum, students learned about the water cycle, earthquakes, and volcanoes. They also looked at geological maps, which is what they had just finished creating in their science class. 

Our PreK 4 class had a unit on holidays and were learning about holidays all over the world. Ms. Hays hosted her very own American Thanksgiving. Students painted pumpkins, made handprint turkeys, and ate a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It was a fun way for Ms. Hays to share a piece of her culture with them through a holiday. 

Our Physics class went on a field trip to Next Level at PVJ. They analyzed their physical output in several activities like rock climbing, ropes course, trampoline, Tarzan ropes, etc. They gathered data and video and used physics techniques to figure out their maximum power output, energy efficiency, vertical acceleration, calorie burn and other things to build a personal athletic profile. Talk about active learning! 

We can’t wait to see where else this 2019-2020 school year takes our students! 

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