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Ali Webb

Art Director

Through re-designing the website I have learned a few new things, some that I have enjoyed and some that I didn’t enjoy as much. The part that I enjoyed learning about the most was how to create the site design using photoshop. We learned how to make the navigation and how to incorporate the different design ideas of all the students in the class.


Andy Chu

Content Manager

I had fun in editing and updating content pages because they were simple to follow and easy to understand. For example, if there is anything to be added, I can add a new page and start organizing to look great on the actual web page.It was also great to see how it changed (page) after updating because I can check it right away to the web pageto see what the problem is and make it right.


HaeWon Choi

Project Manager

I’ve learned the steps of designing a page on photoshop, revising it, and making it into an actual site by using CSS. Something that I learned the most was learning how to use photoshop in creating a page or a design because I had never used it before. I enjoyed seeing our class working together in re-designing our BAIS pages in different parts of art, content, and editing and excited that everyone will use it in the future.


Leonard Then

Content Manager

As a content manager, I would have to say that it has been a great pleasure to help redesign the site. I primarily enjoy taking pictures to provide new photos for the website. Also, I learned about the use and application of links in websites because it explains why web pages have links to other web pages. Another thing that I learned is the general structure of WordPress, which is primarily behind the BAIS website’s structure.


Mandy Chu

Art Director

I had enjoyed making mock-ups using Photoshop, learning about HTML and CSS and Photoshop, and taking pictures for the website.

YoungKwang Park

Site Editor (HTML Guru)

In web design class I learned many things during re-design the website. In class, mostly I worked on HTML and CSS.During I was working on HTML and CSS, I have thought how to created the new web site with CSS and HTML.Also I enjoyed the class because there are only six students so I could asked more question to the teacher and could more pay attention during class.