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 From the BAIS Director

In lieu of writing a fictitious article (the tradition of the U.S.A. “April Fool’s Day”), I’ve chosen to write a brief message of encouragement.

God continues to sustain and bless BAIS, even through the difficult times. I am happy to share that our projected enrollment for 2022-2023 will be nearly the highest in ten years. Daily, we are seeing more and more families walk through our doors and ask for tours and applications. Thank you for continuing to spread the word that our school is the ideal place for children to grow, be taught Biblical principles, and be prepared to be world-changers.

What do I mean by “world-changer”? While at BAIS and after graduation, each student finds herself/himself in the middle of their own “world”, or environment. Whether a child goes on to be an esteemed teacher in a school, a key employee in a dynamic company, or the CEO of a large corporation, they are being equipped at BAIS to be influential for the Kingdom of God and be agents of change and transformation for good in that environment.

We stand in awe of how God uses BAIS to not only help students achieve academically, athletically, and in the arts, but also to teach them to be caring, concerned citizens of the world. All of this is carried out through the framework of a Biblical worldview.

Thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to what lies ahead!

Neil Cantrall


Build to Give

Build to give is excited to announce a partnership with the Hrabars to bring books to kampung kids in Lombok.

The Hrabars were a part of the BAIS community for 8 years. Since moving to Sumbawa, they have had all sorts of adventures including swimming with whale sharks! Currently they are running a tourism company in Lombok that allows groups from America to visit villages and learn about the cultures and religions there.

By donating books for children ages 4-18, we can be a blessing to many kids that simply do not have access to resources for education like we do. Please consider donating English or Indonesian books for school aged children. Our biggest needs are for story books with pictures and coloring workbooks for elementary students. For more detailed information, please look at the poster and check our instagram at @buildtogive. 

We will be accepting donations from April 4th to April 14th to be put in a blue container in the BAIS school lobby. Thank you for your continued support! If you have any questions, please email Melissa melissabudijono@baisedu.org or Sherin sherinchong@baisedu.org.


Congratulations to Sungyun Nam, TJ Tanudjaja, & Maelgwyn Hallatu!

Sangyun has been accepted to the following schools in the United States of America: 

  • University of Connecticut
  • University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Stony Brook University in New York

TJ has been accepted to the following schools in the United States of America:

  • Boston University
  • Pepperdine University

Maelgywn has been accepted to Pepperdine University in the United States of America.

When you see them around campus make sure to give them a covid-high-five.

Please be praying for the rest of the senior class as they are working or waiting for responses

Summer Programs 

Are you looking for something to do with your long holiday between school years? Check out this list of Summer Programs.


Hi BAIS eagles,
Two Math Olympiads are coming. Join and compete.

For further information, you can contact me (priscillamaria@baisedu.org)