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Issue 06: September 16, 2022

What is NICS

BAIS is one of fifteen schools that is a part of the NICS network. You may be wondering to yourself, however, what is NICS? NICS stands for the Network of International Christian Schools. It was founded in 1992 and seeks to impact the world through high level academics rooted in a biblical worldview. Today, as mentioned above, there are fifteen schools in thirteen countries with over 900 employees and 5000 students. 

This past year the Network Board of Directors chose to hire Blake Weaver as the organization’s new president. Earlier this week, Mr. Weaver and Dr. Duane Jobe (Vice President of Global Operations) shared with a few parents the vision, role, and direction that the organization will be headed. Here were a few of the highlights: 

  • The Network Board governs the fifteen schools around the world through a system known as policy governance. This basically means that the Network Board creates, reviews, and revises policies that all fifteen schools must abide by. These policies are typically quite general and are left to the interpretation of the schools for how they want to fulfill them (e.g. Every school must have a Parent/Student Handbook). The Network Board also hires the President who then assembles a staff to help him to support the schools around the world. 
  • The organization is divided into three offices: 
    • Corporate Finance – This office is mainly responsible for making sure that the finances at the organization level are in order (they do not oversee school finances)
    • Global Operations – This office is responsible for networking with schools, appointing directors, and supporting schools through partnerships, professional learning, and by providing standards of best practice.
    • US Operations – This office focuses on US based support for schools including the recruiting and vetting of new teachers to ensure quality and mission mindedness, shipping coordination, and network wide marketing and social media
  • Finally, one of the main focuses of Mr. Weaver and Dr. Jobe for the coming years is to support and strengthen the current schools that are in the network. 

At BAIS, we are proud to be a part of the work being done around the world in NICS schools. We are thankful and grateful for the visit from Mr. Weaver and Dr. Jobe. And we look forward to the amazing things that God is going to continue to do and the role BAIS gets to play as we seek to transform hearts and minds in community.


Important Dates

SEW T-Shirt Order

Spiritual Emphasis Week is coming up in a couple of weeks (October 5-7). Here’s the T-Shirt order form, please complete the order this weekend as we will be sending our total order count on Monday, September 19th. Remember, we’ll use these same shirt for Week Without Walls during semester 2 as well, so please order them now! 

Cost of the T-Shirts are Rp 90rb for adult sizes and Rp 80rb for child sizes. Please see the order form below for the specific sizing, and ensure that you order the right size as we won’t be able to exchange them later. 


Thank you, 

SEW Committee

Guidance Counselor News

Wheaton College is coming to BAIS!

Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 11am

Parents and students are invited to join us in the MPR.

University Fair for grades 9th – 12th

Monday, October 

Drama Rehearsal Announcement

Don’t forget that if you are in ACT 1, you have practice this Saturday, September 17 from 1 PM to 4 PM. Please be in the MPR by 12:50 so that we are ready to start at 1 PM. 

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

Act 2 Scene 1

  • Mr. Wolfe
  • Jenny Snow
  • Amy
  • Katy Brown
  • Mary Kingsley
  • Jane Butler
  • Extra Students: Emory, Laras, Cherrie, Ayden, Evie 

A Glimpse from BAIS TIMES

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