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BAIS Buzz, March 31st, 2023


Dear BAIS Families, 

With the increase of traffic in Kota Baru Parahyangan, especially in the mornings and afternoons outside of school, I want to remind each of you to make sure that your child is wearing a helmet if they are riding their bike or motorcycle to school. I know that I often forget when I ride my motorbike since I am so close, and it only takes me 2 minutes to get to school, but it is so important to protect our heads. Helmets have been proven to save lives, so please join me in making sure that we are vigilant and safe by requiring our children to wear a helmet (and modeling to our children ourselves) as we travel to and from school. I praise God for the numerous ways that he has protected our community over the years and I pray often for his continued favor in watching over us. Let us be wise though where we can be. 


Travis Julian


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From BAIS Clinic

Dear BAIS Community ,

We are looking for volunteers as a part of our medical team during the IISSAC Badminton Tournament. It will be held in two places at the same time at CBCS and Bumi Pancasona on 28-30 April, 2023.

For those who have a medical background (doctors/nurses or had training in sports medicine) and are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form, and you can email me maykerosalina@baisedu.org and I will share more information about this.  

We would be grateful to get your reply after mid-semester break (April 10th).

Thank you so much for consideration.

Dr. Mayke

From the Guidance Counselor

Organized by Stanford University undergraduate and graduate students, Qualia Global Scholars is a selective pre-collegiate virtual summer mentorship program matching talented students in grades 6-12 with Stanford mentors. The program features personalized mentorship, interdisciplinary research, project-based learning, and guidance on college applications. The program aims to empower students to become future global leaders by teaching them about leadership & problem solving, emerging areas in STEM & liberal arts, critical thinking & communication skills, and real-world impact through research & innovation. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Need-based financial aid is available for the program.

Melissa Hall