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BAIS Buzz, February 2nd, 2024

From BAIS Director

Dear BAIS Family,

We are thrilled to present the opportunity for you to share valuable input through our climate survey for the 2023-2024 school year. At BAIS, we deeply appreciate the insights and perspectives of our parents, as we partner with you to raise the next generation in a way that will allow them to positively influence our communities.

This survey is designed to be completely anonymous, ensuring that your thoughts are expressed confidentially. The gathered feedback will be thoughtfully reviewed by our dedicated Field Leadership Team. We kindly request just 10-15 minutes of your time to share your thoughts with us. 

Please be sure to log into your BAIS family account to access the forms. To allow for better engagement, we have two versions of the survey: 

2023-2024 Climate Survey (English)

2023-2024 Climate Survey (Bahasa Indonesian)

Your participation is instrumental in making a positive impact on the journey of learning at our school. Thank you for being a crucial part of this ongoing effort to elevate the educational experience for our students.

Dapatkah Anda meluangkan sedikit waktu untuk memberikan masukan dan pendapat Anda atas kinerja kami pada tahun ajaran 2023-2024. Kami sangat menghargai pendapat dan pandangan orangtua murid, karena kami menyadari bahwa kita berjalan bersama  membangun generasi mendatang agar mereka bertumbuh dan memberikan pengaruh baik bagi masyarakat.

Kami menjaga kerahasiaan jajak pendapat ini dan kami akan tetap menghargai privasi Anda. Hasil survey ini akan dibahas hanya dalam rapat FLT. Waktu yang diperlukan untuk mengisi survey ini sekitar 10-15 menit.

Pastikan Anda login ke dalam akun BAIS Anda untuk mengisi survey ini. Kami menyediakan dua versi survey:

2023-2024 Climate Survey (English)

2023-2024 Climate Survey (Bahasa Indonesian)

Partisipasi Anda merupakan sarana yang penting dalam meningkatkan kualitas pembelajaran di sekolah kita ini. Terima kasih telah menjadi bagian penting dalam usaha kita dalam memajukan kualitas pendidikan putra putri kita.


Travis Julian M.Ed.


In this Issue

Important Dates


Spiritual Emphasis Week


Half Day


Isra Miraj National Holiday


Lunar New Year National Holiday


ACT Test


Federal Election (NO SCHOOL)


SEW Dress code
Monday – New Heart T-Shirt (or other gray t-shirt)
Tuesday – “Groovy” Themed (sunglasses, headbands, hats, flowers, bellbottom/flared pants, bright colors)
Wednesday – Tie-dye Shirt (or other colorful t-shirt)

New Heart T-Shirts still available at 50% discount, order here.

Elementary Parent Reminder
We would like to encourage each elementary child to bring a white t-shirt (labeled with their name) to school before February 5 to be used for tie-dying. We will have fabric squares available for tie-dying for children who do not bring their own t-shirt.

SEW – Additional Prayer & Worship Experiences

Monday, 5 Feb, 7-9pm (MPR)  – An evening of prayer & worship led by students from Spiritual Impact
Tuesday, 6 Feb, 7-9pm (MPR) – An evening of worship with the Secondary Praise Team

KITAS and Passport UPDATE

Dear BAIS Parent,

For those who are KITAS holders, I would like to encourage and remind you to do a quick check on your documents for the following information:

  • Passport Validity – Make sure your passport validity has more than 20 months before it expires. If less than this, you need to make an appointment with your embassy for passport renewal.

  • Passport Visa Blank Pages – Make sure you have enough pages for any trips you may have planned outside of Indonesia before your passport needs renewal.

  • Registry of the new passport at the local immigration office – If you have recently received a new passport for yourself or your family, don’t forget to register it with the local immigration office so that you can leave and return to the country without delays and complications.

  • KITAS Renewal – It is wise to always coordinate with your company, staff, sponsor, or visa agents regularly when you want to renew your KITAS (limited stay visa) three months before it expires.

  • Student Visa – Once your child is over 17 years old, their visa sponsorship will be switched from a family joint visa to a BAIS sponsorship. You will need to let us know your timeline plan, and your visa agent contacts so that we can provide the necessary letters in applying for the student visa. 

  • KITAS Digital copy – If you have not turned in your updated KITAS digital copies to BAIS, please do so immediately. You can email them to leony@baisedu.org. Your cooperation will allow us to make the required report to the government on time.

Thank you for your attention. I hope this information helps you plan accordingly.