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BAIS Application Form


Only current BAIS family names submitted with this application will be considered for the referral discount. Any name submitted after this application has been submitted will not qualify for discount.


BAIS desires to support all students in order to help them reach their full potential. However, in order to ensure that we can serve your children, please provide us with as much of the information below as possible.
Has your child ever been referred to or participated in a "gifted and talented" academic program?
Has your child ever been referred for academic testing outside of school?
Has your child ever participated in academic testing outside of school?
Has your child ever been referred for psychological and/or behavioral testing?
Has your child ever participated in psychological and/or behavioral testing?
Has your child ever received additional support for academic, behavioral, or emotional challenges at school?
Does your child have any academic or psychological diagnoses?


Names and birthdate of siblings
If your child is not going to be living with their parents, please complete this section for the Guardian Information.
Please provide a contact in Bandung or Kota Baru Parahyangan that can be contacted if there is an emergency and the parents/guardian cannot be reached.


If you check "Yes" to any of the following questions, please tell us more information about it.
Is your child receiving continuing medical care?
Is your child taking any medications regularly?
Is your child using any medical devices?
Is your child subject to asthma?
Is your child subject to epilepsy?
Does your child have diabetes?
Does your child have any hearing impairment?
Does your child have any visual impairment?
Does your child wear eye glasses/contact lenses?
Is your child allergic to any medications?
Is your child allergic to any foods?
Does your child have any other allergies?


1. Students are not to bring any medication to school unless it is absolutely necessary.
2. If a student must bring medication to school, please ensure it comes in its original container with original labelling.
3. The parent must send precise instructions written in English indicating the time of administration, dosage, name of the medication, and the reason the child must take the medication. The parental note must also include the name and phone number of the prescribing doctor in the case of prescription medicine. If the instructions are not clear to the administering BAIS faculty or staff member, the child will not be allowed to take the medication.
4. All medication must be relinquished to the school medical personnel upon arrival at school. This medication must be stored in the clinic in a secure area that is not accessible to students. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the administration. This would only be allowed in cases where the student must maintain the medication on their person due to possible medical emergencies, ie. students with asthma problems.
5. Students may not, at any time, give or sell another student medication.
6. The school medical personnel is responsible to administer the student's medication at the appropriate time. In cases where the school medical personnel is not available, the administration will administer the medication in their place.
If the parents/guardians are not available or contactable, I authorize BAIS to arrange for emergency medical treatment. I hereby authorize the school to give the following simple medications, at the recommended dosage, to my child in the event of essential need:
Panadol or Ibuprofen in case of pain or fever
Antihistamine in case of allergic reactions
Lotion in case of skin reactions
Throat lozenges in case of sore throat
Antacid in case of upset stomach
Cold or Flu decongestants/cough medication
Inhaler for asthma flare-up
By typing my name below, I consider this my signature and agree that the above listed is true.


BAIS is guided by a philosophy, a set of ethics, and a worldview derived from a Christian perspective. The school seeks to provide an environment and program that promotes good character, academic advancement, and physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in each student. Realizing that successful child development comes from mutual participation and cooperation of the school personnel and parents, every effort will be made to keep lines of communication open. It is to be clearly understood that students in BAIS will be exposed to the teachings and practices of Christianity.
1. Students and parents will do all in their power to protect the good name of the school, its equipment, buildings, and property.
2. Students will maintain standards of curtesy, kindness, morality, and honesty. Students will refrain from swearing, possessing or using tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, dishonorable conversation and behavior on or around the campus or during school activities, including bus transportation to and from school. Additionally, any public behavior outside of school which harms or discredits the good name of the school shall be dealt with by school officials.
3. Students will maintain the school's standards of personal appearance (dress, hair, etc.) with a spirit of modesty based on the dress code listed in the Parent Student Handbook.
4. Parents will encourage students to go on field trips and other school activities. Teachers will notify parents of upcoming details related to field trips and consent will be requested at that time.
5. Parents will support the discipline policies of the school, entrusting the faculty to implement disciplinary measures in order to build character in the students and an atmosphere conducive to learning in the classroom. BAIS reserves the right to include discipline items on the student transcripts.
6. When withdrawing a student from BAIS, the parent agrees to notify the school two weeks in advance, allowing the school to notify any possible students on the waiting list.
7. Parents agree to cooperate fully in making tuition payments as arranged with the school; the school will notify the parents in writing upon failure to pay delinquent accounts. Accounts more than 30 days delinquent may result in the suspension of the student(s) until suitable arrangements have been made to bring the account current. Upon early withdrawal from BAIS, tuition will be refunded according to the number of school days attended that semester; up through the 20th school day of the semester - 50%, from the 21st school day through the 39th school day - 25%, from the 40th school day to the end of the semester - no refund. Fees are not refundable.
8. Parents agree to uphold the rules, regulations, and policies of the school and will bring any matter of disagreement to the school administration, never discrediting the school before the students or others.
9. Parents absolve BAIS from any liability to their student(s) because of any injury to the student(s) at school or during any school-related activity with the understanding that insurance or medical coverage on the student(s) be maintained by the parents. Parents expressly assume all risks of accident and of personal injury to students, and loss or damage to any of the student's property regardless of the cause of the same; and parents completely release BAIS and the NETWORK OF INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS, and its agents and/or employees, from any and all liability, therefore, excepting those issues which may arise due to gross negligence.
10. Parents understand that the student's likeness may be photographed or videotaped by the school in the course of the school activities. Parents hereby give consent for BAIS and the NETWORK OF INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS to use the student's likeness in promotional and/or advertising materials.
11. All accepted applicants are admitted for a minimum of nine weeks on probationary status. Probationary admissions are reviewed each grading period by the administrator, guidance counsellor, and teachers. If the necessary requirements have not been achieved, the student will be denied further admittance. If the administrator and the teachers agree that the probationary period should be extended, it can be extended for another nine weeks (total of a semester).
By typing my name below, I consider this my signature


An email will be sent to you with information regarding documents that will need to be submitted for the completion of this application form.