Carole Nix

I grew up in Texas, married an Australian, and have lived in Indonesia since 2000. If that doesn’t give me a varied experience, I don’t know what would!

I work for IEP (Interkultural Edukasi Partner), which has an agreement with BAIS to provide the school’s Indonesian Language Program. I supervise the 5 Indonesian teachers and have been involved in the partnership with BAIS since it began in 2014. Even before that, I supervised and coordinated the Extended Day Indonesian Culture and Language Classes offered by IEP at BAIS from 2011.

Throughout God’s Word, we’re given examples of people who adapted to the host community when they found themselves in a new place (Abraham and Paul just to name two). My desire is to help provide an opportunity for the students and expat staff of BAIS to feel comfortable and communicate naturally in their Indonesian surroundings.

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