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6th Grade Boot Camp

On Thursday 24th September, 6th Grade students were invited to come on campus from 9am until 12:40pm for a special learning opportunity. The 6th Grade teachers provided socially distanced in-person training on such matters as:  How to better navigate PowerSchool  (a web- based application that allows parents and students to log into a secure account […]

Issue 05: September 25, 2020

From the School Director Dear BAIS Community, The school has a reputation for going above and beyond to facilitate student success. During this season of online school since March of last school year, this continues to be the case. At the end of last week a group of teachers came […]

TK Online

I am a preschool parent, and it is hard! Our little learners need lots of support, play, and interaction, which is so hard to do online. Thankfully our BAIS PreK-Kindergarten teachers, Ms. Lane, Ms. Hays, and Mrs. Squiers are doing all the things to make sure our little learners succeed. […]

Issue 04: September 18, 2020

From the Government Liaison Dear BAIS Community, First, let me say thank you to all the parents and staff. Thank you so much for working hard together to cope with the many obstacles to adjust the sail of our education from normal wind to this Covid-19 storm. Thank you for […]

Math Online: Mr. Ernsberger

Just today I started using a collaborative whiteboard with a few of my math classes. It’s a tool that lets my students connect and communicate with each other, without interrupting me over audio; one of my pet peeves about online teaching is that the “only one person speaks at a […]

Issue 03: September 11, 2020

From the Director Dear community, Monday will mark the beginning of the fourth week of school for this great learning community. Although there have been some surprises as we continue to be online, it has been inspiring to see how the school has creatively come together to celebrate, share, and […]

Elementary Online

Despite the routines we have developed over the years, schooling has never been a “one size fits all” endeavor. In fact, research has shown that each student possesses their own, unique learning style. Ending last year in emergency mode, teachers felt the need to keep subjects flowing, so that material and content […]

Issue 02: September 4, 2020

From the Elementary Principal Our earth, though imperfect, is quite breathtaking. Sometimes, upon seeing a blazing red sunset or glorious mountain view, I must pause and simply say, “Wow!” One way our God shows us his majesty and beauty is through the wonder of his creation. Do you ever have […]

New Director: Mr. Thomas

This year Mr. Thomas (MS ED) will be stepping into a new role as director. We already know and appreciate Mr. Thomas for the work he has done as secondary principal the last four years at BAIS. He has been working in school leadership for the past 12 years and […]