Amudhan W Ramappa

Born in 1917. After drinking in the fountain of Youth, I decided to devote my life to youths around the world. Please don’t tell my wife that I am really 98 years old.

On a serious note… Bandung and BAIS has been a home to our family since 2010. When we first moved to Bandung, Indonesia in 2010 our family constituted of just 3 individuals. God has blessed us with two more boys here in Bandung and our family is now 5 (humans) + 3 (cats).

BAIS is a great Christian community where we truly extend Christs’ grace and love to each other on a daily basis.  Working in a small community such as BAIS brings up some challenges but the blessing outweighs them all.

So, if you are considering to join this community as a student or as a staff, I on behalf of my family would wholeheartedly encourage you to pursue it.

Working with BAIS since 2010.