The BAIS Buzz is the school’s weekly informational letter emailed home to all parents each Friday. If you are a BAIS parent and currently do not receive the BAIS Buzz, contact the front office to make sure your correct email address is on file.

From the Director’s Desk Welcome to May Merriment! As many of you know, that is the term we use to affectionately refer to the flurry of activity that constitutes the month of May. This last full month of the school year is one of final preparation, celebration, and acknowledgement of […]

Issue 35: May 4, 2018

From the Elementary Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, This weekend has finally arrived. This is the first time in the history of the Bandung Alliance Intercultural School that we are able to host the IISSAC swim competition. For almost 15 years, the BAIS swim team has travelled each year to another […]

Issue 34: April 27, 2018

From the BAIS Athletic Director’s Desk Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, said, “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity. A person can almost be defined by his or her attitude toward gratitude.” This past semester, in preparation for the IISSAC swim tournament, I have […]

Issue 33: April 20, 2018

From the Secondary Principal’s Desk It’s hard to believe we are entering the season of MAP testing and that end of year activities are just around the corner! MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress, and BAIS administers the MAP tests twice a year; once in early September and once […]

Issue 32: April 13, 2018

From the BAIS Director’s Desk Last week was a wonderful time of accreditation with the combined team from ACSI and WASC! We are blessed to have two different agencies, one ensuring the merge of our faith-based worldview is full of vitality and soaked in Biblical thinking and the other focused […]

Issue 31: April 06, 2018

From the BAIS Elementary Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, I hope all of you had a wonderful Spring Break. As school started back this week, we jumped right into a season of celebrations. We are so thankful for how well our Week Without Walls went. In part, this was such a […]

Issue 30: March 29, 2018

From the BAIS Chaplain’s Desk When we think of a wall, we mostly think of a very useful structure. They are great for creating boundaries, security, and privacy when it comes to our personal lives and possessions. However, walls can also be tools of isolation that are built either to […]

Issue 28: March 09, 2018
From the BAIS Director’s Desk This past week, BAIS again was able to experience the benefits of being part of the Network of International Christian Schools. Mrs. Sianturi and I attended the Annual Leadership Conference in the USA where all seventeen Directors of NICS schools across the globe and several […]

Issue 27: March 02, 2018

From the BAIS Elementary Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, As many of you know, this is recruiting season for all of our NICS schools. Mr. Nielsen has already headed to the US, and I will be following him tomorrow. For the next two weeks, we will be joining with the NICS […]

Issue 25: February 15, 2018

From the BAIS Secondary Principal’s Desk Dear BAIS Community, A few weeks ago, I was able to share some details that compared the Advanced Placement program to the International Baccalaureate. I appreciated the positive feedback from many parents about the article. If you missed it, feel free to click this […]

Issue 24: February 09, 2018