The BAIS Buzz is the school’s weekly informational letter emailed home to all parents each Friday. If you are a BAIS parent and currently do not receive the BAIS Buzz, contact the front office to make sure your correct email address is on file.

From the School Chaplain’s Desk WWW- THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIP Next week BAIS students will disperse all over Bandung to serve our community. They will be serving in places like schools, hospitals, kampung, prisons, unwed mothers home, and serving in ways that model the spirit of Christ. Though the BAIS […]

Issue 28: March 8, 2019

From the Elementary Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, I want to thank all the parents who showed up at the Pancakes with Parents event and supported the elementary team as we closed out the month of I love to Read. Award-winning author, poet, and publisher Emilie Buchwald once said, “Children are […]

Issue 27: March 1, 2019

From the Secondary Principal The theme for professional development this year is called “Assess and Adjust.” Assess and adjust is related to how teachers administer diagnostic, formative, or summatives assessments and then use that data to modify instruction and plan future learning. The analysis of assessment data allows teachers to […]

Issue 26: February 22, 2019

From the Athletic Director’s Desk BAIS Family, Next week marks the end of this year’s basketball season and the beginning the third season of afterschool activities and clubs. I am continually impressed by BAIS parents, students, teachers, and staff that invest so much time and energy into the lives of […]

Issue 25: February 15, 2019

From the Director’s Desk Dear BAIS Community, Yesterday afternoon a group of enthusiastic 3rd graders arrived in my office while I was working. They were chanting, “END IT” and “One is too many!” After looking at the teacher and giving her my “what is going on” face, she was happy […]

Issue 24: February 8, 2019

From the Elementary Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, I want to thank each of the parents who showed up for our first ever Elementary Shadow Day. There was a great turn out for this first-time event. After the shadow time, I had a chance to have some light refreshments and hear […]

Issue 23: February 1, 2019

From the Guidance Counselor’s Desk Greetings from the Guidance Counseling Office, Yesterday as I was in a presentation from a university in the United Kingdom, we came to a slide with information for international students. It listed the information about foundations programs and the scores that students need to earn […]

Issue 22: January 29, 2019

From the Director’s Desk BAIS has made some changes over the past few years with regard to tuition and the financial calendar. I just want to express my thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding as we have made these transitions. I also have been extremely encouraged […]

Issue 21: January 18, 2019

From the Secondary Principal’s Desk During this new year season I am reminded of the special privilege of spending a final semester with our amazing Class of 2019. While the class is comparatively smaller than last year’s graduates, they have a vibrant and healthy class culture and it has been […]

Issue 20: January 11, 2019

From the Elementary Principal’s Desk Dear Parents and Students, The end of the semester has arrived and a much‐needed break is coming.  Every year this is one my favorite times, not just because of the Christmas season, but because it is the time when the students have learned routines, the […]

Issue 19: December 14, 2018