BAIS offers a program for students who agree to an education in a Christian environment and who are capable of achieving in a program dedicated to academic excellence. The birth date cut-off for entrance into 1st grade shall be age six on or before September 30th of the current school year.

The admissions procedures are accomplished through the following sequence:

  1. Parents must submit, to the registrar, the properly completed application forms, health records, transcripts, and copies of both the parents’ and student’s passport front pages and their KITAS.  If the KITAS is in process, an official letter of explanation from the sponsor must be submitted.
  2. Once all of the correct information is received, two entrance test will be scheduled for all ESL (English as a Second Language) students (SELP and MAP) and students without formal transcripts, and the MAP test for all students 1st to 12th grade. Families must pay Rp 1,000,000 for each student testing session. Please allow two to four business days for tests to be scored.
  3. Once the paperwork and the entrance tests have been completed a formal interview will be scheduled with an administrator.
  4. If the information for the student is complete, the parents will be informed of the administrator’s decision after the interview.
  5. Students admitted during the school year will have a 24 hour waiting period before they join their classes (a day will be given for teachers to prepare for the student).
  6. Class Size Limits at BAIS:
    Class Limit
    Preschool 3 10 students maximum 5 non-English speakers
    Preschool 4 12 students maximum 5 non-English speakers
    Kindergarten 15 students 1/3 of the class may be LEP
    1st Grade 20 students 1/3 of the class may be LEP
    Elementary 20 students 1/4 of the class may be LEP
    Secondary 25 students 1/4 of the class may be LEP

Admission Policy for Indonesian Students:

BAIS is now able to take any number of Indonesian students as long as they are proficient in English.  BAIS Principals will make admission decisions for Indonesians who are limited proficient in English depending on the level of LEP students in that specific class (see the chart above for classroom limits).

All Indonesian students must have a letter from the Department of Education allowing them to attend BAIS.  All normal admission standards, except possession of a KITAS visa, apply to Indonesian students.

Please note:  BAIS prepares students for post-secondary education in English speaking countries and as such does not prepare students for the Indonesian National Exam (Ujian Nasional).  If you are expecting your children to attend Indonesian universities BAIS is not the best fit as formal Indonesian classes are only electives at BAIS and success in test-taking is geared for English exams through the Collegeboard (  These exams include the AP, PSAT and SAT tests.  We welcome your students but must claim that our preparation is not for Indonesian universities but rather foreign universities who emphasize English instruction.

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