School Doctor

I have been working at BAIS for 4 years.
” Be joyful! because a joyful heart is good medicine”

Admin Secretary

Been with BAIS since 2003.

Librarian Aide

Yovianna PattyI started work at BAIS in 2013 as a Teacher Aide. But this year I am trying a new position as a Librarian Aide.


Retno YuniartiGraduated from law major, worked at an International cruise line before joining BAIS, and have been serving BAIS since 2005, besides tutoring classical piano lessons outside BAIS and voluntarily teach English for some neighborhood kids in my area.


Patricia HarrisI’ve been a part of BAIS community for about 14+ years. My role at BAIS now is as an accountant.

Been with BAIS since 2002.

HR & Facilities Manager

I have been working at BAIS since 2001. I graduated from Itenas as Mechanical Engineer and got my Master Degree from UNPAD concentrating in HR back in 2005. Got married and children while I was working at BAIS. I met friends, people here, who became a part of our family and witnesses how God purposely shaped me to be His tool for His own good and glory.

Been with BAIS since 2001

Government Liaison

I’ve been a part of BAIS community for about 15+ years now in various roles. My current job is the reason why I have more white hair and Christ is the reason why I still carry my smile every day.

Been with BAIS since 2012.

Jack of All Trades

I moved to Bandung to work for BAIS in 2009. I love watching students get excited about the world around them and I believe photography is a great way to see the world.

Yearbook/Photography/Building Sub/Admissions


“I think I started working at BAIS in 2012.
God is great, BAIS is good, and I love cats.”

School Counselor

My family of six moved here in 2010. Since then we have had two children graduate and go back to America for college – and they still call this home. This community, these people – they are our home. It is an honor and privilege to partner with the parents here to counsel, pray for, and love these students. Our school excels academically and is spiritually thriving. Our graduates leave with a strong foundation to help give them a good start to the next chapters in their lives. I am so grateful that I get to play a small part in their journey!

I teach a College and Career Class, Worldview & Apologetics, and I am the school counselor for PK3-12th grade assisting with all social/emotional, college/career, and academic support needs.

Athletics & Activities Assistant


Technology Director

Born in 1917. After drinking in the fountain of Youth, I decided to devote my life to youths around the world. Please don’t tell my wife that I am really 98 years old.

On a serious note… Bandung and BAIS has been a home to our family since 2010. When we first moved to Bandung, Indonesia in 2010 our family constituted of just 3 individuals. God has blessed us with two more boys here in Bandung and our family is now 5 (humans) + 3 (cats).

BAIS is a great Christian community where we truly extend Christs’ grace and love to each other on a daily basis.  Working in a small community such as BAIS brings up some challenges but the blessing outweighs them all.

So, if you are considering to join this community as a student or as a staff, I on behalf of my family would wholeheartedly encourage you to pursue it.

Working with BAIS since 2010.

Computer/Network Technician

Henry Marciano

I started working in BAIS since March 2012 as an IT Technician. Besides working behind the desk with a 22″ monitor typing on mechanical keyboard with gaming mouse on my right hand inside the air conditioned room with 25 degrees Celsius and Server fans as a background noise, I’m also a swimming coach for BAIS and Water Polo coach for West Java Region. Why BAIS, IT, and Swimming? God works in mysterious ways right, we just need to follow.

 Been with BAIS since 2012


Cleaning Service

Been with BAIS since 2016.

Food Services

Been with BAIS since 2015.

Food Services

Been with BAIS since 2010.


Been with BAIS since 2014.


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