Spacious Classrooms

Our classrooms are approximately 70 square meters. Those in elementary are capped at 20 students and in secondary at 25 students in order to keep the student-teacher ratio low to help facilitate individual attention to student needs within the classrooms. Each air-conditioned classroom is outfitted with a computer, projector, multimedia speakers, and an interactive white board. Almost every classroom has it’s own Access Point for stable WiFi connectivity for student and staff.


Preschool Classroom (Taken by Jonny Park)


Third Grade Classroom (Taken by Jonny Park)


Secondary Science Lab (Taken by Jonny Park)


Secondary English Class (Taken by Jonny Park)

























Our newly renovated library houses approximately 20,000 materials. The library catalog is managed using Follets‘ Destiny integrated library management system that effectively supports active student learning with greater efficiency. The library also contains two interactive catalog search devices that allows the patrons to easily find resources that they need. There are also 12 student computer work stations with a networked printer available for students.
















BAIS Technology Department strives to serve the student and staff with the best affordable technology available to assist student learning across all grade levels.

Computer Labs

BAIS has two computer labs with approximately 25 computers in each lab that has the most current Microsoft Office and Windows Operating System and Adobe products installed. The machines in the labs are replaced every four year to make sure that the students always have access to the best and reliable computers at all times.


Secondary Computer Lab with 26 computers (Taken by Jonny Park)

Network & Internet

The various buildings within the campus are connected using state of the art Fiber Optic cables. Each classrooms has more than 8 physical Gigabit LAN ports with VOIP phones and dedicated Access Points. The entire campus is equipped with secure wireless network with filtered internet connection. The school uses two different Internet Service Provider and has acquired 225Mbps of internet bandwidth to serve the educational and operational needs.

citrix-xenserver unifi-logo microsoft-gray hewlett-packard-enterprise-logo sophos_logo_300px_rgb



Athletic Facilities

Athletic Facilities

BAIS was blessed to open their two brand new athletic facilities during the 2015-2016 school year: Soccer Field & Swimming Pool. The covered outdoor basketball court also received an upgraded floor to reduce student injury using Sport Court‘s multi-sport flooring solution.



Audience seating capacity is around 200 people (Taken by Harry Lee)


Size of soccer field is 90 by 50 meters (Taken by Harry Lee)


Audience seating capacity is around 200 people (Taken by Harry Lee)


Pool has eight lanes and is 21 by 25 meters (Taken by Harry Lee)






















Campus Security

Campus Security

Since early 2011, Bandung Alliance Intercultural School (BAIS) has assigned Wiragarda, a security Management Service based in Jakarta to help us securing our campus. The company was established in 1996, headquartered in Jakarta and operates in some major cities in Indonesia including Bandung. Since more than 10 years, Wiragarda has been trusted to manage security for prestigious properties and significant objects such as high-rise buildings, luxury apartments, hotels, hospitals, embassies, expatriate housing estates, offices of foreign companies, etc.

Wiragarda also has been handling the security of International schools and National plus school here in Bandung & Jakarta for years.

Wiragarda constantly improves the competence of all of its security members in order to provide the best security service to BAIS. These improvements include regular training programs covering physical training, on-duty competency and security-related knowledge. Handling threats and any emergency situation but also focus on courtesy and service excellence. Constant supervision also plays a vital role in the execution of security duty and this is done by Wiragarda through its senior staffs in Bandung and also from the headquarter in Jakarta.

The campus is also monitored 24×7 using more than 21 networked security cameras to ensure that our campus provides a safe learning environment for our students.

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